Factual scientific data about 12/21/2012

Putting aside all the hype about the Mayan prophecy for 2012, is there any scientific data that points to a major life changing event or group of events for that time period?

Winter Solstice, maybe?

That’s all I got…

The planets in our Solar System will be alligned, IIRC. What that means in terms of phenomena I don’t know.

A guy I work with mentioned something about the solar system passing through the plane of the galaxy, or the vernal equinox direction aligning with something or other. That might be an avenue to check on - I don’t care enough to dig it out.

Nothing. The gravitational effects of that are less than the effects of walking past a large dump truck.

The stuff CurtC mentions, assuming it means anything at all, would have even less of an effect.

It will be a day just like any other, only shorter (assuming you die, Malone).

OK, so I was reading up on the Mayan calendar on Wikipedia(so you know it must be true)…and I fail to see what the “big deal” is…

OK, so the current calendar ‘ends’ on December 21, 2012 in the Gregorian calendar. So what?

It would seem that the calendar also ‘ended’ on September 18, 1618, and on June 15, 1224, and 10 other times since the ‘beginning of creation’. Hell, the calendar I use ends on December 31st of this very year (and every one to come).

Is there something ‘special’ about this latest ‘end’?

Of course the answer is “No, but the nutjobs need something to talk about in case we all get tired of 9/11 and Obama citizenship conspiracies”

Scientific? No. Nothing, nil, zilch, bupkis.

Moronic? Ah, tons and tons of the most wonderful utter garbage the world has seen for a very long time. If you took all the nonsense sites with the word “quantum” used as sucker bait and lump them all together, you still won’t equal the tonnage of moronicity that the Mayan Doomsday dummkopfs will perpetrate on the planet for the next two-and-a-half years.

And then, when nothing happens, some of them will proclaim that they “saved” us by their efforts, for which they should be compensated accordingly. I guarantee this! I see the future!

Not true at all. There is a bit of kookery centring on the “fact” that in 2012 the winter solstice sun will be aligned with the galactic equator. Nothing to do with the planets in the solar system aligning with each other, and not true anyway because it actually happened 12 years ago.

Perhaps this has been conflated with the planetary conjunction that occurred on May 5 2000, when, as you will recall, disaster befell the entire planet?

There’s going to be a cool transit of Venus in 2012. It won’t happen again for another 105 years.

Isn’t the sun due to change polarity in 2012? Not really a big deal as it happens every 11 years.

There is tho’ the danger of a massive solar flare when ever this happens. Even so, the worse that could happen is it takes out a few of our satellites and maybe a few electrical grids.

A pain in the ass but hardly an apocalypse.

Also, we’re supposed to be aligned with the ass end of that super massive black hole that’s in the center of our galaxy. Some believe the BH could be spewing out all sorts of nasty stuff (Sorry, I forget the proper vernacular) that would char our planet to a crisp.

FTR: I’m not too worried about it.