Giant Spaceships to attack Earth in Dec 2012

Yet another reason why the end of the world is in 2012. Giant spaceships are coming. To attack Earth. We have no chance to survive.

Finally, I’m vindicated!

I think I’ll huff some Ford Blue now.

I’ve had worse.

Well that would depend on what OS their mothership utilizes.

Have we learned nothing from Jeff Goldblum?

We should stock up on cigars, already?

Make your time.

Relax. They’re just here to give some dudes a lift out of Silent Hill.

What you say?!

Nah, they’re just hungry. And they brought a cook book.

If we can convince them that there are about 3 billion spare people on the other side of the planet from us, we’ll be alright. Americans? Sorry, too high fat and too many drugs (prescription and otherwise) to be healthy for them to eat.

Take Off Every ‘ZIG’!!

It’ll never work. We’re basically the veal calves of the human race.

Fairly well debunked by the Bad Astromer here.

With an assist by Felicia Day :smiley:

Relax. Back in the day, they said (in Russia) there is no news (Izvestia) in Pravda and no truth (Pravda) in Izvestia.