Enter Your "Sponsor My Membership" Requests Here

Maybe I shouldn’t start this now, as I am leaving town for a few days for Easter, but I will try to check back to this thread.

I am volunteering to sponsor up to three worthy Dopers who cannot afford to join. This is on the honor system - I have no way to check and no interest in finding out your personal financial circumstances. If a person comes into some cash later and wants to repay, either [ul][li]sponsor someone else, ordonate the money to a worthy, non-political charity - Christian by preference, Jewish or Muslim by second choice, or something else if you can’t stand religion.[/ul] As I understand it, I will subscribe for you and send you the password via e-mail. So if you are afraid I might start cyber-stalking you, set up a throw away account or something (but be sure to keep your e-mail address current, as is a condition of membership). [/li]
Any other Dopers who want to sponsor someone, feel free to join in.

For all the complaining I do, it’s a great message board, and I value the variety of (most of) the view points I read.

I do not discriminate on race, color, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, previous condition of servitude, or favorite sports teams. YMMV. Void where taxed or prohibited. Kids, check with your parents. IANAL. No animals were harmed in this post. De gustibus non disputandum, e pluribus unum, Gallium in trinite partum divisio est, non compos mentis, so help me God.


I can sponsor one Doper. I’m not particularly picky; you don’t have to be a “worthy Doper”. Like Shodan, I’d prefer it if you genuinely cannot afford to pay or are unable to pay via CC or PP.

**Shodan ** this is a great offer. I am in too. I will sponsor a few more dopers again this year.

Just so you know, there is no requirement for the password. How to subscribe includes instruction of how to subscribe for someone else without knowing their password.

To pay a subscription for someone else, here’s the procedure:

or summarized:

For anyone wanting to check their expiriation date:


I’ll send a $10 bill to anyone willing to extend my subscription. I’m not poor, just PP/CC Deficient.

Order Number: SDMB2007040513111100567701
You are set and a joy to help out a fellow Jerseyite. Hope I see you at the next Dopefest. Probably June.

Jim {Verify your expiration date to be sure.}

It went through! WHOO HOO!

A Big Thank You to What Exit?

Another request for membership help.
I need to re-up but I’m on a temporary voluntary CC embargo along with the wife.
I insist that I repay my sponsor three fold, therefore a $25 US Postal Money Order will be fowarded to ye as soon as I recieve directions on how to re-pay (or pre-pay as it may be) you.
You may use the e-mail feature to forward the info to me or a quick PM will do.
You may use the ‘extra’ funds to buy crack, Jack or crack. Or you can sponsor a couple more members, whichever you prefer.

Thanks much,


College kid with no CC/PP access here. I’d been lurking for two years before creating a guest account, but I have no way to make it official.

Please sponsor me.

Done. I think. It cleared my bank anyway. I had to tinker a bit to figure out how to change the amount.

Tess: It is done.
Order Number: SDMB2007040518100706482601

Please do not post anything to bring me shame! :o

I know that the spirit of this thread is charitable, but something about it rubs me… very wrong. I apologize that I can’t explain it much more clearer than that.

To each their own opinion of course, however I think it’s not only become a tradition around here to help out those Dopers who might lapse otherwise, but this is a community and we should help our own IMHO. One never knows where one may find oneself in a years time, does one?

That being said, I volunteer to renew one Charter Member who wouldn’t renew otherwise. Too many of us going down each year, plus I’m a cheap hump. My email is in my profile.

Whoops, missed the edit timeframe. FYI- Any request to me will be recieved only during regular business hours, CST.

I hate to have to ask for subscription help, but for various reasons (a major one being lack of a credit card), I must. I take solace in the fact I’m a Charter Member, so anyone kind enough to take me under their wing is not paying too much.

I didn’t know that this was an annual thing, I should probably be more observant. Please don’t let my personal paranoia of all things related to net’ get in the way of more noble purposes.

Done, I hope.

I’ll sponsor one more current member or charter member; I’m uncomfortable paying for guests.

Got you too, and now I’m done.

I was charged 14.95 for Sevastopol, and 7.48 for Tengu, though both show as Charter Members.


Okay, okay. Now that this was brought to my attention that this has been done before I did a quick and easy search for the previous threads. And lo’ and behold there are plenty of Charter Members as well as other names I recognize who have both asked for and assisted with helping members pay for their subscriptions. I am sometimes too cynical for my own good and that caused me to post my knee-jerk reaction of exchanging funds on the internet between “strangers”. I want to take that back now that I have looked at the previous good these threads have added to the board.

I am willing to sponsor somone.