Entering Canned Food in the County Fair

This is my first year of doing some actual canning. I’ve done some blackberry jam, a few quarts of tomatoes, a couple batches of pickled squash (some with sliced carrots), and this past weekend, some peach preserves and spicy peaches. All delicious, even if I say so myself.

So, in conversation with my mom tonight, she convinced me to enter my stuff in the county fair. And I did.

Has anyone ever entered their stuff in a county fair? Ever been a judge in the county fair? I know they won’t taste any of the canned stuff, so it’s judged on appearance, but any dos or don’ts?

I haven’t entered anything since 4-H days, but at recent fairs there seems to be a trend to decorate the tops. One way was to cut a circle of gingham with pinking shears and center it on top with the ring screwed over it. Some went as far as to embroider the top, like berries and leaves for jam.

Good luck, it sounds exciting.

Sure, entering things in the fair is a great dodge. People who display items get free admission every day! My brother Joe and his young children enter “Spud Buddies” each year. Fair food for lunch and dinner for a week!