Wish me luck, I just dropped off my Fair entries

Well, I went and did it. Had an explosion of confidence (or overconfidence) and decided to enter some things in the county fair this year. It’s been years since I’ve done that. In fact, it’s been several years since we’ve even gone to the fair, even though it used to be an annual outing. With the kids starting school earlier in high school, we kind of got out of the habit. But this year, for some goofy reason, I kind of suddenly decided to enter again. I have some knitted pieces, and basket I made, and I even went so far as to enter cookies and bread. Not to mention the cross stitch piece I fought with for days. Tell me I’m not crazy.

Today is the first day of the fair, and the things are being judged even as I type this. The exhibit building is scheduled to open at about noon. I’m trying to decide how long I want to put off finding out.

If nothing else, I get daily passes out of the deal. So at least I don’t have to pay admission to see how I did.

Keep your fingers crossed, willya, please? :slight_smile:

crosses fingers

uncrosses fingers so I can type

Good luck!

recrosses fingers

Good luck! When come back, bring pictures. :smiley:

Wow, I’ve always wanted to do that, but never had the courage. Hooray for you!

I remember the wonderful stuff I’ve seen at exhibition in county fairs… it was always my favorite part. Gynormous vegetables and ones shaped like famous people and cakes that looked more delicious than I could imagine. Oh, and the flower show! Could anything smell more wonderful than the Hall of Flowers? ::nostalgic reverie::

Yes, pictures!

I hope you do great! I’ve been wanting to do that for years, but never seem to get up the nerve (or time, being a classic procrastinator). You should be proud!

Yet again, I won’t have any needlework finished. I won some blue ribbons a few years ago, but I can’t get my act together lately.

Last year, unbeknownst to me, my boss entered a quilt I made her into her fair. It won the blue ribbon. Then she snuck it into her husband’s fair. It won again.

So this year, I was making one for a friend’s baby and first entered it into my boss’s fair. It won! It had to go to my friend and now I’m finishing up another one so that her husband won’t feel left out. I think mine only win because the category isn’t too full–no one else is silly enough to hand-piece and hand-quilt.

The weird part is, I found out the judges don’t actually taste the jarred goods–they judge based on appearance only. :confused: My friend enters baked and jarred goods and cleans up-- like over $100!

Yeah, but if you’re really canning and baking right you’ll probably spend a lot more than you make. So there’s that.

I was thoroughly intimidated by the quilts at the Wisconsin State Fair this year. Some of them were so intricate, I can’t imagine how long they took to do.

I don’t know if the judges will taste my cookies, but I made sure they looked good. You should have seen me looking over the whole batch to pick the three roundest, most perfectly cinnamoned ones. (Snickerdoodles)

Thanks for all the good luck thoughts, everybody. I’ll try to do pictures when I get the things back.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Fair entries? What is wrong with this generation!? You march right back there and get those entries back, and you don’t enter anything until it’s great! We’ll have none of this “fair entries” being entered around here. Nothing but excellent entries, you hear me?!

Oh, c’mon, you guys all wanted to say it.
Okay, good luck. And I mean that. I won $15 with some photos I entered in our local county fair years ago – I blew the dough on carnival rides, but I still have the ribbon!

That’s what my friend was saying–$10 for a pie might break even, or a few dollars for four cookies, but anything more deluxe is a net loser.

I’ve never even been to my fair. I’m not even sure if we have a county fair, and who the hell knows where the state fair is. We go to Wisconsin. They have free corn!

I missed that?! I didn’t see any free corn when we went to the Wisconsin state fair. I did have a cream puff half the size of my head.
Okay, thank you all for the good luck wishes. Here’s the report:

two white ribbons (snickerdoodles and one knitted afghan)

two red ribbons (two knitted baby afghans)

two blue ribbons (cross stitch lighthouse picture and rye bread)


never happened before…

Best of Show! (basket)

I’ve never had a rosette before. I’m pretty excited. And I cannot believe that stupid lighthouse got a blue. That thing kicked my butt.

My wife is a hand quilter & a baker. She also does preserves. She enters things in the fair every year. She almost always gets a blue in the preserves & baking. She got a red on her quilt this year, but I thought she deserved a blue. (I realize that I am biased, but I saw what work went into that).

You do not enter the fair here for the money. I think she won about $20 total. She always hopes to win enough to break even on the entries.

My daughters have also been pretty successful in the fair. The oldest has entered paintings, paper mache, and other arts. Middle daughter has entered stories and baked goods. Youngest has entered drawings & baked goods. This year, the youngest won a blue ribbon on her chocolate chip cookies, too.

Her advice for anyone who has ever wanted to enter something in the fair is to “just do it”.

Every year I say I’m going to do that, then I put it off too long. Does it have to be something you made in the last 12 months? Because I have this bag that I knitted and felted and it is gorgeous! I want to enter it someday.

I also love to go to the fair and walk through all the barns. All those animals and they are so big! Then on to eat some junk food, look at the needlework exhibits, then back home!

Excellent!!! Sounds like a habit you need to get back into.




Well, not at the state fair. In Big Falls, on Labor Day.

At our fair it’s supposed to be within the last two years. But I don’t know how they would check that. I think as long as it looks new and hasn’t been used it’s good.

Thanks. I can’t believe it went so well, but it’s a great (and needed) boost to my confidence. I’m already planning for next year, so I don’t wait until the last minute.

Good Job!
I loves me some real rye bread.