Enterprise "Impulse" - SPOILERS

Did it air yet, carn?

Well, I liked the dot matrix effect of the preview.

I didn’t think they would actually kill a major character, tho.

More later.

Major character dies? NOT PORTHOS!

Well, ok… not major.
But, at one point, T’Pol actually says, “I’d rather kiss a Wookie.”

Then she pulls the ears off a zombie Vulcan.

Er, I mean, a Gundark.

Holy flurking schnit!

T’Pol is actually Trip’s long lost sister!

It all makes sense now!

…well, not really.

Wait, Vulcan is in West Virginia?

That would be the “long” part of “long lost sister”. She really got around for a tyke.

I didn’t watch the tape yet.
Busy with Win XP updates. :frowning:

Close enough. She’s a descendant of her grandmother(?) who crash-landed in the 1950’s and gave us all velcro, remember?
We in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex get our Enterprise {Mayweather interjects, “That’s Start Trek: Enterprise!”} on Wednesday night at 7:00pm CST, usually with a repeat on Saturday at 9:00pm (though not this time, it’s Saturday/Sunday at 12M).

Hey, my new work comp is an XPer. It is also missing Microsoft Office, but who needs Excel sheets, anyway? And i gots to put a bunch of other junk on it as well to make it like the old one. but this one is twice as fast, with 4 times the memory and a legal operating system, for a change!

So… the NX-01 is still using MS Office?

That would explain a lot.

Captain! We’re being invaded by an annoying Paperclip!!! It has taken over our Excel!!

Night of the Green Living Dead.

Magic asteroid gravity sucks. It would be nice to hold the shuttle down with a grapple and use cables to move around.

It was an interesting plot device to have the marine guy survive. Thought he had a red shirt on.

T’Pol should have spoken Vulcan to the green zombies. Subtitles.

A decent episode, though.

Well, just shut down the engine, wait a few seconds, and turn it back on again.

I switched mine to the puppy.
12 more minutes til the real show!

Wait, is this the Vulcan Zombie Episode?

Zombies make everything better. So do ninjas and monkeys.

Ooh! That far shot of the ship approaching the talking asteroids was way cool.

What? No Vulcans???

Back later tonight.

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