Enterprise "Impulse" - SPOILERS

Corner Case: I thought the vulcan that gave Earth velcro, was T’pal. Oh and by the way, “Vulcan” Is in Alberta, Canada. du’h! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, I really liked that episode! It was good to see Vulcans get punched repeatedly in the face…then thrown on the ground and kicked in the chops a few times for good measure…

But, what was the point of T’pal’s hallucination at the very end?

Oh, man! I really like T’Pol’s jump suit, esp when viewed from the aft. :slight_smile:
Zombie Vulcan! Brain and brain brain. What is brain?
Merriweather has a scene with a conversation. Wow.

No, it was T’Pol’s grandma, T’Pol (or something).

Okay, so they explain the Mexican jumping asteroids by saying that the anomolies are throwing them around, but…

Is anyone else reminded of that old arcade game Asteroids?
Minimal Hoshi, but tons of Merryweather.

Quantum goes medieval on a Night Of The Living Dead Vulcan.

Malcolm gets to shoot a lot.

Quantum shoots T’Pol.

He also kills every Vulcan on the other ship.

A lot of action. I mean tons. Action for action’s sake. CGI must have cost a bundle.

T’Pol Skywalker: “I’m endangering the mission, I shouldn’t have come.”

I liked the ending. Sets up for consequences down the road? The denoument was creepy! I mean, CREEPY!

Poseidon Adventure meets Night OF The Living Dead meets the Newt rescue scene of Aliens.

Hard to follow, kept you on edge (through disjointed editing, odd lighting effects, and injuries), and a bitchy T’Pol.

I liked it. For no apparant reason.

I got a major Night of the Living Dead vibe. Very dark and creepy. I almost dropped my pomegranate. Sam’s violent beating of the Vulcan, topped off with a few kicks was a nice change from the peace and love vibe of the first seasons.
Nice tie in with the Trellium causing sickness. More problems keep coming up for the ship.
Didn’t like the little T’Pol day dream at the end. Felt very unessisary.
Otherwise, I’m really liking the new episodes.

Vulcan zombies! Loved it!

But why didn’t any of them actually say

“Brraaaiiiiinssnnsssss …”

Return of the Vulcan Zombies From Hell

They even walked like zombies. Gosh, and all that zombification from just letting your emotions run rampant?

Not as good as last week’s, but decent enough. I did like that Vulcan physiology isn’t quite immune to everything. And this also provides an explanation regarding the Event Horizonization of the Vulcan ship from last season’s finale (coming out of the Expanse), and why it doesn’t seem to have affected the hyoo-mons in the same way.

I also liked the dilemma it presented at the end. They need the Whatsittium D to insulate the ship against the anomalies and survive the Nekkid Expanse, but that’s what’s also making Vulcans all FUBAR. So – back to a classic Trek theme. The needs of the one vs. the needs of the many. Nice.

Yes, but unfortunately, he gets the dumb lines.

Trip: “Can you land a shuttle pod (one one of those asteroids) safely?”
Travis: “I can try.”

(What Trip Should Have Said: “Can you see that’s not what I asked? How it’s synonymous with ‘I don’t know’? Awww, hell. Never mind, I’ll get Porthos to do it…”)

I just realized that Enterprise titles are too short. Most of them are only one word, or one word plus an article. They’re going to run out of words eventually, you know.

It was unrealistic to have so much gravity on the asteroid, but zero-gravity is pretty expensive, and if you try to do it cheaply you wind up with something like the wall-walking scenes in the old Batman television show.

I always thought that Vulcans were being kinda snobby by repressing their emotions, but if that’s what happens when they let go, I’m kind of glad.

T’Pol said something like, “We were full of paranoia and mindless rage,” when talking with Uh oh better get MACO guy about repressing emotions.

Would explain Romulans fairly well.

Oh, and I did like the line towards the end, during movie night – when Trip keeps talking during the movie, and trying to convince T’Pol that the fun is trying to figure out the mystery – “you know, using logic!”

T’Pol: “Then use logic more quietly.”

BTW, I don’t think viva has verbed me yet…

Pretty exciting episode–Zombie Vulcan’s do it for me, oh yeah. :smiley: And Archer -kicked ass-! Vulcan ass, at that! How did that Vulcan injure Archer, though? The rake down his cheek couldn’t have been Vulcan fingernails, could it?! Bah!

No Porthos! However, the previews seem to show some Hoshi Panda for next week. moves out of the way of the Hoshi crew

Well, I must say that I was glad we didn’t get any…

Vulcan Zombie Panda

I shall now write my shortest Enterprise review yet. Six words, to be exact.


Was there a point to this?

Um… I really liked Rajiin. And last week’s Jake 2.0 was great.

I really hate not having UPN.

No they won’t! They’ll just do what automobile manufacturers do – they’ll start making up new words!

This explains the Toyota “Camry” and the Nissan “Xterra.”

[Minor SPOILERS!! ahead]
When the Mayweather and Trip pull away from the big asteroid, they say that one of their thrusters is out. They explain that it was caused by debris in the thruster’s intake manifold.

“Intake” manifold?! “Intake” implies that you’re sucking something in from your environment, like how an internal combustion engine sucks in air to burn with its fuel. But the Shuttlepod is in space, fer cryin’ out loud! What is there in space that you need an “intake” for?!


darn, sorry got the bad post above.

Can someone please explain the Panda reference. Thanks.

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