Entertainment Awards - Emmys, Oscars, etc.

What do you think of them? Do any consistently “get it right” - that is, jive with you perception of what was the best in a given year? Which are the most unfair? Which have in hindsight show the worst judgment? Which do you actually respect? I realize they are all about publicity but am still curious as to everyone’s opinion.

I have more problems with the Emmys and Grammys than I do with Tonys, or Oscars and all the other movie awards. Giving the Emmy to the same shows year after year is boring and does no service to their industry. They should have a Best New Comedy Award, or something, rather than just give it to Modern Family year after year. and how can I respect the Emmys after giving a Best Actor award to Jon Cryer? Seriously, I lost the Grammys about the time when they decreed that Kanye West and Eminem and similar folks were ‘artists’. I know I’m an old fart, but I keep thinking someone will let me in on the joke.

As for the movie awards which are more covet-able. Would you prefer to receive an award given to you by critics, or one by your fellow professionals?

It’s a good question, and I’m not trying to dismiss it by saying I really don’t much care who wins the awards. I enjoy Award shows for the spectacle, mostly. I know it’s geeky and not very macho, but I really do love watching all the stars arrive, and seeing what they’re wearing, hearing the acceptance speeches, watching the losers’ expressions, and all that crap.

As for the awards themselves, backing the Emmy Truck up to Homeland’s door pretty much proves it’s all about the bandwagon anyway, IMO. That said, this years Oscars seemed to get it pretty much right. I had no quibbles with any of the winners.

No award ever “gets it right” more than half the time. The voting is skewed: people don’t vote for art they’ve never seen, no matter how good. (People complain about how Marissa Tomei won an Oscar for My Counsin Vinnie, but they don’t note that more people saw her movie than all the other nominees’ films combined.) There’s also the issue where the art’s greatness isn’t realized immediately, as well as things like cliques, people who know the nominee personally, the unspoken preferences and prejudices of the voters, the feeling that a particular person is “due” an award, and many other factors.

In general, the Tonys and Oscars have the best records, with the Emmy’s slightly worse. The Grammys have been ridiculous since the 50s; the voters are usually too old to recognize new work, or they go with what’s currently popular because its popular.