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What??? And to think I just finished reading all columns since May 6, 1994… Now I have to read 10 years of Straight Dope? Here goes my social life for the next six months…

Get a program like Teleport Pro. Then you can download the complete website, pictures, links, messages, everything to browse offline…

Heh, I don’t think his problem is with offline vs online browsing, handy. :wink:

In any case, I know how he feels. When I first stumbled upon the SD website, I had to read all the columns. Of course, since I had read several of the books already, some of it was repeated.

I felt the same way when they moved the message board to the website (never was an AOLer). Shortly thereafter, there were numerous posts. And I just had to read them all! Eep!

You think you’ve got it tough? I am an AOLer, and not only do I have to read all the posts on the website, I have to read the AOL SDMB and SDMB2.

“The truth is out there - and it’s got bloody great teeth!”
-Pete Wisdom

What happened to the archive?? I was reading old stuff yesterday and now it’s GONE! Sniff Now what am I going to do this afternoon??

“I hope life isn’t a big joke, because I don’t get it,” Jack Handy

It’s back. We had to tweak some stuff. With luck we’ll have the search engine working in a day or two.