What happened to the archives?!!

I use to come on to this site just to read the archives but it seems like they dissapeared. I hope I’m just stupid and cant find them. Because I would hate it if they took it out just so people can buy the books

seriously what the hell happened to them?

Huh. Good question. (Well, your thread title could have been more descriptive. I thought this was about the U.S. National Archives and Cheney’s refusal to preserve his presidential records, or something like that.)

Ah, you mean the archive of the Straight Dope columns. The link on the main page was http://www.straightdope.com/columns/index.html - It’s now this:

Yes, dudes, you missed one… The main page! :smack: :smiley:

Interestingly, the search still works. Yeah, if it’s going to be permanent, that’d be a real bummer. Let’s hope the index pages for the archives simply haven’t made it through the upgrade yet.

I for one refuse to believe that the owners of this website would be silly enough to think that a potential gain in book sales could be anywhere near the benefits from the continued attraction and retention of online visitors.

Well, if not, there’s always

I’ve moved your post to About This Message Board. Welcome back.

If you mean you want to read Cecil’s past columns or Staff Reports, they’re still available from the Front Page

If you’re trying to search the message board for older threads/posts, then you might have run into a current problem, which the tech guy is trying to fix. Since the upgrade of the servers and software a few weeks ago, there are a few things that still need fixed. Currently, some seem to be able to search the board, and some can’t. Hopefully, this will get straighted out in a few days.

samclem General Questions Moderator

Now that I preview, I made a bad assumption. :smack: The Home Page archives are indeed NOT FOUND as of this morning. Hopefully the search feature on both pages gets fixed rather quickly.

Thank you very much kind sirs.
I am forever in debt to you.

Well, they seem to be working as of this minute. I promise NOTHING if you try later tonight. :slight_smile:

The problem I’m having is that I only get the last four pages of posts in any forum, regardless that I’m requesting “Posts in the last 100 days” or however it’s worded. I’ve been unable to spend much time online this summer and I’m pretty bummed that now I can only catch up with General Questions from the last few days – which was exactly when I began to have time to read again.

Ah. Found my answer here.