You’ve probably all (Americans, anyway) heard the version of “Only Time” by Enya, with WTC-related sound bites, on the radio. Now, I heard the song a lot even before 9/11, and I think I subconsciously predicted that it would become the “theme” for this situation.

Just now, I heard the unadulterated version, and I realized: the “tribute” version was speeded up, so it has a higher pitch and faster tempo! I wonder what the media won’t do to toy with our emotions.

The media will do anything they can to fill our minds with sappy goo and make us follow their version of reality. Remember “Wag the Dog”? Some song about an old shoe, edited for emotional value.
Not that I have an opinion or anything. Of course I like the wonderful media. Especially the network owned by the devil’s company. Grr.

Just my daily dose of shat spewing. Terribly sorry it landed on your page…

I haven’t heard the updated version, that could be due to the fact that I live in Canada; but I have heard two versions of it thus far, one with a beat and one without.

I love Enya. Have since 1987. I’m a big geek.

I have heard two versions, of Enya’s “Only Time” the original, and the"two tribes" remix.
I saw the video for the all-star version of “What’s Going On” ,originally by Marvin Gaye.
I have not yet heard the WTC memorial remixes of the songs that y’all have alredy heard.