Epic Parenting SUCCESSES! Yours or Others'

I know there have probably been threads on this in the past, but I just have to ask because yesterday, walking through my development, I saw in the yard of the corner house a young dad rocking the baby in one arm, texting with the other hand, and all the while kicking a ball around for the dog to play with. I smiled and thought: There is someone who was born to be a parent!

A few years ago in the supermarket, a kid was having a meltdown about wanting something his mom refused to buy. He shrieked at her, “I HATE YOU!” To which she calmly replied, “Well, I love you.” Like magic the kid quieted right down.

I’m not a parent myself, but if there were an award I would gladly hand it to both these parents. So, what are your award-winning parenting experiences?

I taught my daughter to sing the Jaws theme song before she could talk. Pretty cute to see a little baby wriggling on the changing table, singing “nuuuh-NUH … nuuuuh-NUH … nuh-nuh nuh-nuh nuhnuhnuhnuh!”

If your kid is not behaving at school - teachers are complaining he/she is being disruptive in class, etc. Then simply attend a few classes with your kid! A few visits works like magic.

(Sit in the back of the room and don’t say anything, just watch. Then leave quietly when class is over. Come back after school if you wish to talk to the teacher. Also arrange this all ahead of time with the school - they will LOVE you for making your kid behave by monitoring their behavior!)

I had a little moment like this just last night. My daughter was getting ready to go to a Daddy-Daughter Dance, and was all excited to put on her Very Special Dress. But alas…as I pulled up the zipper for her I found it had pulled away from the dress material leaving a big gaping hole in her mid-back. Tragedy! And Dad will be here in only fifteen minutes (we’re divorced). And no other dress could possibly do!

So despite the fact that I’ve never sewn a stitch in my life, I managed to dig up a needle and some thread from the depths of the junk drawer and did my best. Looked pretty good, if I do say so myself…and it held all night. Go me!

mine, Guestling the Second Eldest, before he graduated high school moved out, got an apartment, started working got a car etc and still finished and graduated high school. He’s still struggling to get himself on firm financial footing, but he’s doing all the right things in the right order and working HARD at it. I’m predicting great things for him.

We don’t attend church is needed background for this story. Son was 2nd grade. He came home from school one day and started telling me how bad Catholics are. I listened for a while and finally told him. “Did you know Mommy was raised Catholic?” Stunned silence for a bit. “Did you know that you were baptized Catholic?”

First week, 2nd day of school (kindergarten) for mini-Pope #2 a few weeks back. He’s recently been assessed along the Autism spectrum and the transition to the craziness of school after Xmas holidays and finishing pre-school was getting a bit much.

He latched onto the idea of not wanting to be a student at his new school and we had this exchange:

Me: “Why aren’t you in line with the other kids?”
Him: “Dad, I want to go back to Magpie School*****, I don’t want to be a student at this school.”
Me:" You don’t want to be a student here?"
Him: “No, I don’t want to be a student at this school, all the other kids are students!”
Me: thinking rapidly “Well, how would you like to be a *pupil *at this school?
Him: What’s a pupil?”
Me: “It’s a special kind of learner” (Yeah, I English good!)
Him: “Pupil…pupil…yes, I’d like to a pupil here”.

And back to his class line he wandered to inform his teacher he was going to be her ‘best pupil ever’.

His school is fantastic, they have a support person on-hand to help in class and his teacher is very understanding and patient. The headmaster is also great and really on-board with getting kid #2 settled and the help he needs in class.

*****His pre-school divided the kids into two classes depending on which days they attend and named them after birds - His class was named the Magpies.

Really? If a mother did that she’d likely be criticized for texting instead of gazing longingly and singing lullabies at the baby, preferably in Mandarin.

Woman in the train with a not-yet-verbal baby. Baby asks for a toy, mom hands toy over, baby plays with it for a while then drops it. Mom picks it up, returns it to baby. Baby drops it again. Mom picks it up and puts it back into bag. Baby attempts complaint. Mom gives baby a look like this: :dubious: and says “NO. One 1 finger, yes mimics handing something to the kid. Two 2 fingers, to the bag mimics into bag.”. Baby pouts a little but stops complaining and proceeds to pay attention to something else. At one point she was handling the baby and four items including the bag and managed to make it look easy. Part of the merit was on the baby himself, of course, but I still loved watching them.

My sister in law used to be such a control freak that she’s been known to spend weeks mad because she’d had 14 people over at her house and some of them had paired up in ways she hadn’t expected (so long as everybody enjoyed themselves, the house did not burn down and nobody did anything illegal, who cares?). My brother is what I call a negative perfectionist, he can take forever to do something because “it’s not perfect yet”. I count the fact that both of them have learned to relax a lot in the last 10 years as a success on their children’s part. What? Children educate their parents too!

Spent most of the day with my daughter’s family, including one very fussy 8 month old. Try as we might he was screaming a goodly amount of the day. We were all steeling ourselves for a noisy ride home, they were terribly apologetic that I would be seated beside him, in the back, between the two car seats. The 4 yr old had just finished a snack that came in a crinkly, shiny wrapper, the younger child was just getting his full ear shattering scream on, so, I grabbed the wrapper and put it into the little guys clutching grasp.

Wherein he immediately fell silent! Much to everyone’s amazement. It made a funny noise, must have felt weird, and was shiny, and the kid was rapt! That drive was the quietest 20 minutes of the whole day!

I was credited with brilliance, but it was just a fluke really.

I’ve been playing a wide variety of music for the Small One since she was a baby. One day when she was 6 or 7 I was switching around the radio and hit the Top 40 station. She said “Dad, this is music made by people who don’t want us to be happy.”

I switched around a little more until we found Floyd’s “Money.” She announced that was the station she wanted.

Raisin’ 'em right.

Well done!

When I was pregnant back in the lat 90’s, it was all the rage to play music for your unborn child. Baby Mozart, Baby Bach, etc. I remember one particularly irritating woman asking about it. “I’m sure you’re playing music for your baby, right? what music?” “Led Zeppelin mostly, but also some AC/DC.” Look on her face was priceless. Fast forward nearly 18 years and the kid still likes nearly all kinds of music…except Top 40.

Yeah, I thought about that texting thread when I was typing that. It was still an impressive feat, though.

My older son played pee wee hockey from ages 5-10. Because ice time is scarce, it’s important that everyone show up for practices, even if they are at 6 am (as some were). One Saturday morning, his little team was all ready for practice, but there was no coach in sight. We kids and moms waited for 10 mins but then the rink manager told us the kids either had to get a coach or forfeit their practice time. I’ve never played hockey in my life, but I was a former jock and a practice is a practice, so I stepped up and coached practice that day. I’d seen enough of them as a mom sitting in the stands that I had a fair idea of what work they did in a practice, so I kept them working for what was left of their 90 minutes.

Years later, my DIL told me how often my son talks about me coaching that day. He told her “my mom was kickass and fearless and she really made us work! I admire the heck out of her for doing that.”

She shoots! She SCORES!!! :smiley:

Like this kid, eh. Good job, 'rents!

When the kids were little and they’d come wandering out of bed whining that they couldn’t sleep, I’d ask if they wanted a Magic Kiss.

I’d kiss their forehead, cheeks, chin, nose, and lips, and tell them to run back to bed quick quick quick before it wore off.

Worked Every Single Damn Time.

My son was hiking the Maine portion of the Appalachian Trail last year when his small group decided to wander into town for a warm meal. They found a restaurant/tavern type place and went in for food and a beer or two. They were stoked to learn that there was a live band that night, as my son is a musician. After a bit the front man for the band came out and said:

“I apologize, but we’re going to have to cancel tonight. Our drummer is sick”.
My son, who is in his early 20’s, said “I’m a drummer”
The front man chuckled and asked “Yeah, but do you know classic rock”
My son replied “I was RAISED on classic rock”
He sat in with the band that night, played every song, got his beer for free and earned his trail name!

So, if parenting is preparing your child to play excellent music on a random night in a small town 1,300 miles from home - I win!

Of course he also took all my LP’s when he moved out. Oh, well, can’t raise 'em perfect.

I was extremely impressed, to the point where I would define it as a life-changing moment, when I saw another mom put the straw in at the bottom of the juice pouch.

I taught my kid to ski at 18 months old, before he could talk, which introduced a new set of challenges. I once threw a Ton-80 while holding him in my non-dart arm.

Eh, I got nuthin’. I’m not too good at this…

So, what is his trail name?

I just got lucky with my kids. My son was a perfect student from the first grade all the way through college, no discipline issues besides his room being sloppy. He got out of college went right to work, raising his own family and everything just seems to good to be true. My daughter had very minor issues in school mostly c’s. She became a very successful realtor and retired at 50 off of her properties.

 I was brought up about as close to being feral as one could get so had no parenting skills. I just taught them good manors, respect for others and made sure they were responsible. I think it was mostly luck, we have always had a great relationship and talk at least weekly or more.