Epic Story! "The Mystery Of The Transvestite And The Stolen Car "[now a debate on slurs]

The Mystery Of The Transvestite And The Stolen Car – Tales From The Valet Stand

A tidy little read1

So that’s two things I’ve learned today – Silly Putty bounces, and Astro and I don’t have the same taste in stories. That was stupid and sad and I want to un-read it.

‘Epic’? Nah. Mean and stupid, yes.

It gave me the giggles. I wonder how he explained to his wife why he got a room at the W for the night and didn’t come home. Also, why he did not close his door when he went to get ice so that transvestite who was skulking around the halls of the hotel just waiting for the opportunity to sneak in a room and steal keys could get in and steal his keys. Also I wonder what they said when one of the kids asked, “What does fuck mean?” :smiley:

Has to admit that I laughed too. Some people make bad choices, and some people make REALLY bad choices.

Now THAT should have been in the Hangover2.

I get it–it’s funny because the faggot had sex with a nigger who was a tranny, right?

Cool story, bro.

This is the kind of story that if I saw it in a movie, I’d be saying “Yeah, like that could ever happen…” Maybe some of those really horrible sitcom episodes I’ve seen in the past were, in fact, based on reality?? :eek:

Hey, I laughed. But remember, I’m mean. Really.

BTW, I wonder if the cops have a term for that exact kind of incident. “Yeah, we had a #17 down at the W Hotel this morning.”

I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there.

You can’t fix stupid, but you can sure laugh at it.

I think what makes it kinda funny is the lies he was telling to his wife(but then if the guy is spending saturday night with a hooker in a hotel and lieing about it how good can their marriage be?) but it might just be me.

Closeted family man gets burned by rough trade is kinda funny, if insensitive.

I thought the funny part was him not knowing it was tranny until he was TOLD. At least that was the impression given by his reaction when he found out. :stuck_out_tongue: (Not saying he couldn’t be in deep-down-denial, but the reaction was priceless regardless)

You know . . . I try to be a good sport, I really do, and I do not want to become one of those angry, angry people.

But in the past two weeks, the *NYT *has used the word “tranny” twice (and have ignored my e-mails telling them that if they don’t use nigger, kike or faggot, they really should not be using “tranny”).

I happened across mean-spirited “sex change” jokes on Family Guy (no surprise, Seth McFarland is a world-class douche) and The Today Show (bit of a surprise, and the crew guffawed heartily at the joke).

And three threads here on the SDMB. To be fair, 95% of posters are coming to our defense and being regular bricks, but it’s the 5% of idiots who make me tired. “We’re where you were 100 years ago,” I recently told a black friend. Or where gays were 50 years ago. People know we exist, but just as human punchlines.

So, no, I don’t get the humor in “him not knowing it was [a] tranny until he was TOLD.” It’s my own damn fault–from now on I am not going to look at anything or read anything from after 1950.

Sounds like a plan. Though you really should add something about also not posting to message boards until you get the stick surgically removed from your ass.

Wait, “tranny” is a bad word for “transvestite”? Not that I’ve ever had occasion to use it, but I assumed it was just a non-pejorative shortened version of the word. I’ve never heard that before. Now I know. Is “transvestite” okay to use?

That story just strikes me as sad. I prefer the initial image of the cross-dressing guy being a construction worker by day rather than a hooker full-time.

You are a very good sport, and people are sometimes insensitive jerks. But I don’t think you’ll ever lose that 5%, to be honest. You might need to just let it go instead.

I know people who self identify as ‘tranny’, use the word freely and often in conversation.

Now I’m wondering about my friend the mechanic who said he spends a lot of time lubing up trannies…

Yep, that’s just what they said about dem uppity nigras what didn’t find minstrels amusing–“no sensa humor, them darkies!” Standing up to hate speech and bigotry really *does *make one look like a prissy schoolmarm, there’s no way around it.

P.S. You are right, though, posting to message boards *is *a bad idea for me, and I think it is a habit I should stop. There are plenty of good books to be read (and written) without looking for trouble on places like this.

It wears you down, year after year, constantly seeing messages that you’re inferior to the rest of humanity.