Epilogues you'd like to see...

Not a sequel, just something to round out the end of a story. My example: After the end of Doctor Strangelove, we see the surviving members of the bomber crew enjoying their last days before the fallout comes with the contents of their survival packages and some Russian women.

In the end credits of The Martian, I really expected to see Sean Bean’s character get hit by a car or something…

Dr Sam Beckett finally made it home.

I’ve always wondered what happened to the kids after the end of Lord of the Flies. Did they all go back to the same school? Did Jack and Ralph have to pass each other in the hallway several times a day? Talk about awkwarrrd…

“Hey, Godot. What kept you?”

The defendant in Twelve Angry Men shouting, “So long, suckers!”

I don’t think that I actually have any book or movie epilogue requests, but I’d give everything I’ve got, and everything I’m going to have for an unambiguous HEA epilogue to Chuck. Also, since JAG and NCIS exist in the same universe, I’d love to see a shout out where we finally find out what the outcome of the coin toss was.

Deliverance; One Year Later, “Hey guys, wanna go camping?”

Mafia Daughters starring Meadow Soprano…only on TLC.

As much hate as Paul Verhoeven’s version of Starship Troopers gets (especially around here), a lot of the plot elements follow along directly from the book, including the ending.

In the book, Rico explains that by the time Humanity has backed the Bugs up all the way to their home planet of Klendathu that they can’t just crack it open with a Planetbuster because the Bugs have figured out that taking human prisoners prevents us from doing just that. Hence, you have the rousing scene at the end where Rico, now an officer in charge of his own unit (in the book, his father is top sergeant under him), is preparing to lead his men down to the surface to finish the Arachnids once and for all.

A nice epilogue would have been the MI leading the surviving prisoners back up to the surface for retrieval - set against the burning remains of the Arachnid leadership caste (how big is a Queen, anyway?) - as Rico hears a tinny old-timey recording of “The Ballad of Rodger Young” playing through his helmet’s audio system.

A post-credits shot for Vanishing Point where we watch Kowalski watch the destroyed Challenger* being loaded on a flatbed, from a distance. Then he lights a cigarette and starts trying door handles on other cars. No explanation.

  • Yes, I know the wreck was a Camaro.[SIZE=2]


President MacGyver.

I’d love to see a followup on the mineshaft colonies 20 years in the future, in which Strangelove’s plan to have a 10-1 female to male ratio has backfired and the women have taken over. The surviving War Room leaders are being kept as as a sort of pet. :smiley:

At the end of Twin Peaks, Dale Cooper recovers from his experiment with LSD: “Hey guys, I just had the craziest acid trip. I was in Washington or something…”

“Burp” - Moby Dick

After the big glorious farewell to the elves on the boat at the end of Lord of The Rings, fade to black and a simple line of text “The ships were eaten by a squid 3 hrs from port. There were no survivors”

At the end of “Being There”, President Chauncey Gardiner sits back in his Oval Office, which has been converted into a completely sky-lit planetarium/greenhouse.
On the intercom speaker a receptionist asks for his approval to receive the Secretary of State, but Chauncey ignores her and gets up and walks among the plants, admiring.

Actually the ending BT did have was perfect.

Or else “Unfortunately due to a rudder irreparably broken by Ship’s Mate Gil-Agin They were unable to sail the Elven Road and landed on a uncharted desert isle.”

Gandalf often makes improbably devices to try and get rescued, like a palantir made from coconuts, only for Frodo’s bumbling to wreck it all on a weekly basis. It’s called Frodo’s Island and lasts for 10 seasons.

Years ago I found The Book of Sequels. Most of it is just excerpts or covers, but there is a rather extensive Moby-Dick II: Raise the Pequod. It’s in the style of a Tom Clancy thriller; the hero’s name is Dipp Schmidt.

E.T.: the Extra-Terrestrial:

E.T. says a fond farewell to Elliot, touching his heart and saying “I’ll be right here.” Then he boards his UFO and blasts off into the sky - all watched by the wistful-looking Elliot and his family.

On board the UFO, en route to the mothership, “E.T.” reports back to his commanders.

Commander (to “E.T.”): Special Agent Xyxlbrx, welcome back to the collective, comrade! Were you successful in your mission?"

“E.T.” (a.k.a. Special Agent Xyxlbrx): “Indeed I was, comrade! The human family are all now infected by the lethal and highly contagious bacteriological warfare. They will die in writhing agony in mere days – but by then the contaminant will have spread like wildfire across their continent and their planet! Expect to see three quarters of their population to be dead within two of their 'weeks.”

Commander: “And will the remaining humans be able to defend themselves when we launch our invasion?”

“E.T.”: Negative! Their backwards technology will be no use against our mighty warships. The Earth is OURS!! The humans are DOOMED! Mwuah-ha-ha-ha!"

Commander: “Mwuah-hs-ha!”

Fade out among much evil, gloating cackling and Kang & Kodos style waving of their long, spindly, tentacle-like arms.