"Episodes": New Showtime Matt Lablanc series: Pilot

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I admit that I was very hesitant to watch it knowing that Matt Leblanc was the “star” but mercifully, he was hardly in the pilot at all. (Maybe just in the previews for the next episode?)

I actually found it laugh-at-loud funny in places. It was also a good portrayal (at least to my naive mind) of outsiders (British writers, in this case) getting exposed to the lies and hypocrisy of LA show business.

Did anyone else see it or like it?

I’m not sure I’ll be watching it since the only reason I saw it was that Directv was having a free preview weekend of Showtime. I might rent it in the future if it continues to be good, however.


I was wondering what all those bumpers were for.

I watched it. I thought it was okay; I think it’ll be much better when LeBlanc is actually in it. The previews of next episode with him look awesome.

I loved it. Great to see a show about the real behind-the-scenes goings-on of Hollywood and television, and telling it via the story of two outsiders being admitted into this very exclusive world with it’s own set of bizarre rules is really clever. I’ll definitely be watching it next week and can’t wait to see the trainwreck unfold.

I thought the casting was fantastic. The two main characters were really engaging, and the team of producers were hilarious, especially the “Head of Comedy” who can barely crack a smile or string a sentence together. (I loved that actress in Man Stroke Woman.) It’ll be interesting to see what Matt LeBlanc does with the role of Matt LeBlanc.)

I checked it out because I saw Steven Moffat, executive producer of Doctor Who, tweeting about it (his own sit-com Coupling had an American version produced). His comment: “I laughed a lot at #episodes. It might be a specialised market, but dear God, those scenes with the execs aren’t even exaggerated.”

If you enjoy the two Brits, you might enjoy Green Wing.

I haven’t watched the first episode (heh) yet, but it has had fairly negative reviews here in the UK.

I thought it was OK. Not hilarious, but watchable lightweight comedy.