eplacing Operating system?

I think some of my computer files are corrupted…when I try to get on the net with my cable modem, my screen says can’t find server. (I’m on dial-up this moment).

Did, Scan-disk, Norton anti-virus, and Defragged.

I borrowed a Windows 98 from UNIMATRIXONE to replace my current win98 OS.

Will this cause me to lose my documents in WordPerfect, or anything else irreplaceable?

To answer your question, you can reinstall the operating system without overwriting data files.

In this situation, based solely on the OP, it seems like overkill, though. Does your cable modem manufacturer have a support site? Does your service provider have a tech support line?

I suggest other exploring other avenues before reinstalling the OS. Also, check out dslreports.com. If I recall correctly, that site also has info re cable modems.

See if you can boot from the Win98 CD, then copy off your work files from your hard disk to floppies before you install anything, just to be sure.

Note that there is more than one “windows 98.” For example if you have 98SE you shouldn’t try and install 98 on top of it as some of your system may not work properly afterwards (or it may not want to install correctly). Generally speaking you can usually load a newer version on top of an older version, as long as the CD is not one of those special ones that won’t allow an upgrade.

Is there any reason other than the error you are getting (can’t find server) that makes you think your OS is futzed? That error could be anything from the cable system itself has a problem or your cable modem got zapped or a wiring problem or a number of other non-operating system issues. It could even be that your ISP changed its dns server.

Well, I loaded the new OS, but the cable modem still won’t work. In fact, trying to click on the cable HSI icon, I get AOL instead. I figure, I need a new ISP adress.

I need someone who KNOWS WHAT HE’S DOING to physically sit at my terminal and do it for me.

I believe your last post may be a telling point.

Does this mean you get the AOL icon from a standard Windows setup, or have you ever used AOL as your ISP on the machine?

If the former, the AOL icon is somehow pointing to your cable modem. Can be fixed by deleting the icon and creating a new shortcut from your cable modem software.

However, if the latter, IMHO, your best choice – as much as you may not want to read – is to back up your data, reformat your HD and reinstall a clean Windows O/S. Then, install your cable modem software, connect to your ISP and go from there.

Uhhhh, no Duckster, it sounds like AOL is loading itself because whatever [s]he is clicking on requires you to be online and [s]he isn’t online. This doesn’t sound like a software problem at all. Call your ISP’s tech support line and tell them what’s going on. They should either fix it over the phone or send a tech out to your house.