Epoxy paint "This item is not for sale in Catalina Island"

Over here is the Amazon page for some goop you can use to refinish your bathtub. (Anyone ever use it?)

The page indicates the product is not for sale in (sic) Catalina Island.

Why not?

Apparently, the mail gets to Catalina by airplane, so anything that can’t be flown can’t go to Catalina. There are similar restriction on things like whip-it cannisters and aerosol cans.

If you think a restriction on paint is weird, check out colognes and perfumes - a good many are prohibited there as well due to containing verbena or quinoline, both of which are banned there.

It appears they have some rather stringent environmental laws. For example, there is a 10-year waiting list to bring a car onto the island.

Imagine that, so not really banned (the epoxy) but not deliverable. Thank you so much.

With much of the USPS, UPS, and FedEx going by air, I doubt it is air shipment. Epoxies can be nasty things and require strong solvents. Chances are, some local regulation prohibits one of the ingredients. Epoxies often use an amine for curing, and many people are sensitive to them.

A word of explanation.

Except for the city of Avalon, which covers about a square mile and only has about 3,000 residents, and the town of Two Harbors, which is even smaller and home to only about 100, the entirety of Catalina is an uninhabited wilderness area. Everything is within walking distance of everything else in Avalon, so there’s not much need for cars (though a good many residents drive golf carts.) I believe almost all of the autos on the island are owned either by the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department (which provides law enforcement for the island) and the Conservancy (the group that manages the wilderness). Outside of Avalon, the only roads to speak of are a dirt road often only a single lane wide which connects the two towns and a number of campgrounds in between, and some foot trails branching off from that.

I took a vacation on Catalina once in 2004. All in all it seems like a nice place to retire to, but i’d probably go stir-crazy if I lived there at my age.