Epson Scanner problem after Win 10 update

Well the latest ‘improvement’ to Windows 10 has managed to tank my scanner, which was working fine before.

Its an Epson Perfection V39 and I’ve tried researching solutions, the only one I haven’t been able to try is where it suggests selecting ‘Epson Scan Settings’ as this doesn’t seem to appear on my PC (its supposed to be selectable under the Epson tab but doesn’t exist)

Anyone have any ideas? Its very frustrating that (a) the win 10 update broke my scanner and (b) the helpful solutions don’t seem usable because one of the stages they suggest isn’t present on my PC, despite uninstalling and reinstalling etc

Thanks in advance!

Edited to add: sometimes the printer will scan a few pages but then the program seems to freeze and has to be restarted

thanks for adding the last part … with regard to it working temporarily.

is the scanner needed often? or can you wait until the next update happens? microsoft might inadvertently repair something during the next update cycle.

ready for some trouble-shooting steps? if so … create system-restore point … in case things go haywire.

have you tried unplugging 'n rebooting … wait two minutes … then plug scanner back in … try scanning now? have you tried using the scanner in safe-mode? have you tried stopping certain processes in task-manager … they might be stealing the same resources the scanner also uses? have you tried disabling your a/v … see if that is the culprit which is causing your program to freeze? if you temporarily disable the a/v … remove the router/dsl cable … so nothing can enter your computer from the outside. i would try all the above as preliminary trouble-shooting steps.

another thing you could do is download a free microsoft program called “process explorer” … think of it as task-manager on steroids … it does much more. so, inside process-explorer’s interface, by highlighting the scanning program … it reveals all the *.dll’s that are associated with the scanning program … this can aid in trouble-shooting your culprit. with another of the tools inside process-explorer, you can also ‘mouse-click’ the scanner’s interface … and process-explorer will actually state the exact member. process-explorer does even more … they maintain a link to … right there, in the interface, each process displays the virus-total’s result. [however … the ‘virus-total-display’ feature does need internet connection.] again, the program is free.

do you have the .pdf file of the user’s manual? that manual offers trouble-shooting tips … the manual also states exactly how to go about uninstalling the scanning device’s software. which driver do you have? how long have you owned the device? which os did you have when you installed the software? which is your computer’s oem(factory installed os)*? below you will find url direct for your device’s latest driver. my os appeared ‘magically’ in epson’s website window.

if nothing else works, you can always try uninstalling … go according to the steps in the afore-mentioned *.pdf manual … shutdown … boot up … wait two minutes … and then reinstall. keep in mind, the device’s connector may need to be disengaged from your computer during the install … again, refer to the manual.

personally, i would disconnect the router/dsl … shut down for two minutes. then, boot into safe-mode … wait two minutes … temporarily disable the a/v … see if you can scan a few different passes. if good, then reboot into safe-mode (temp disable a/v) … wait two minutes … good so far? now, try switching the a/v on … still good? now, try rebooting (safe-mode) … wait two minutes … still good? then reboot into normal-mode with a/v temp disabled … wait two minutes … still good? enable a/v … still good? connect router/dsl … wait two minutes … still good? open your browser … still good? if you have have secondary browser … open that one … still good? if not, i would consider the other steps outlined above.

i also would suggest you have adobe’s acrobat-reader-dc … it’s adobe’s free version for simple viewing of *.pdf files … it also allows you to highlight (free feature the you may need to enable) … this may/mayn’t come in handy for you.

before closing … i cannot mention how crucial one’s system-restore point is … but they are not infallible … if you mess with a driver, the system-restore probably cannot help. screen-caps also are helpful in the documentation. write everything down on a pad of paper or windows notepad. oh … and good luck!


Thanks for the reply, I’ll give your suggestions a try!

And no there’s no particular hurry, I have a stack of old papers and magazines I would like to scan the interesting parts of to free up space that’s all. :slight_smile:

Completely uninstall your scanner and any related software. Locate any folders with Epson in the name and delete them.

Download a fresh copy of the latest version of the installation package from Epsons website, and nowhere else.

Reinstall scanner from scratch. Don’t try having windows auto detect the printer, use Epsons software.

With my Epson Perfection I have to do this dance every 6 months or so (after a Windows update). For me, just re-installing the Epson software does the trick.