Equal Opportunity forms on Online Employment Applications

…are decisions really based on those? I honestly thought not, but had been always advised to never self-identify and give HR an excuse to target me as a white male non-veteran. The other day I seemed to have a nibble from Company-x, but that they really needed me to fill out the EEOC form on their application as to my ethnicity, sex, and veteran status. I did…and within 15 minutes, I got a rejection letter in my Inbox. It seemed a little too close to be coincidence.

Given the game of race/sex/vet roulette that some employers seem to be playing and seeing as I’d like to be able to get a job to be able to feed my family, I’d like to know the following.

Q1) If I claim that I am 1/16th of a protected class, how can they prove I am not?

Q2) If I claim a protected class but somehow it is definitively proven to not be the case down the road, can an employer dismiss me the same way that they could if I’d lied about a degree or a past employer on an application?

BTW, for those who are about to yell ‘BS’ and ‘Cite’, I present some C&Ps with the names removed:

timestamped 11:19AM

Form filled out immediately upon reciept. (took less than 5 min)

timestamped 11:35AM

Equal Opportunity isn’t the same as affirmative action. It more closely means that they don’t automatically block certain groups from some of their jobs and a few other minor considerations. I serve as hiring manager in a mega-corp and HR doesn’t really have anything to do with who we actually hire. We are currently lacking people with the right skills and will take almost anyone with them in a heartbeat. This is an IT-allied field and we have quite a diverse mix with Indians overrepresented and young white females underrepresented but we have had an example of just about everything over the last two years and applicants were rejected or hired just as fast as their skills allowed.

That notice doesn’t affects the mechanics of how things work for applicants.