Equal time laws and Trump

CBS giving him over an hour to run a commercial for Trump Water and Trump Steak, while ignoring the other candidates on a big primary night is not acceptable. The media seems to give Trump everything he wants, in flagrant disregard for the equal time laws we have. There was a debate about this when he hosted SNL, and I’m surprised it hasn’t come up since.

Are you saying that CBS refused to sell equal commercial time to other candidates who requested it?

Are you saying that CBS is obligated to donate free time to other candidates because they sold time to Trump?

Are you saying that Trump’s commercial time was donated by CBS?

Can you add some specifics? Like: what, specially, is your understanding of “the equal time laws we have?”

It wasn’t really a commercial–it was a victory speech for his primary wins on Tuesday, and it was carried by at least some of the networks. I saw it on CNN, though I don’t think they stayed on him for the whole speech. Trump blabbered on for a long time about his usual talking points and also about some of the products–like steaks and bottled water–that have his brand on them.

I don’t think the issue is about him using the air time to promote his products so much as the inequality of exposure given to him compared to the other candidates.

I don’t know enough about the laws regarding equal time, though, so I don’t know if this is a problem.

There are no equal time laws. That’s why right wing AM radio can exist.

I refer you to 47 USC § 315.

That’s the equal access requirement, which specifically states “No obligation is imposed under this subsection upon any licensee to allow the use of its station by any such candidate.”

Of course they are. They desperately want him to be the GOP nominee, rather than someone who might actually have a shot at beating Hillary.

So you’ve had discussions with media executives who have stated that they are promoting Trump in favor of other Republican cnadidates, and that they are doing so because they believe he’ll lose to the democratic candidate? Wow, that’s pretty devious.

My take is that Trump is getting air time because the public has expressed interest in seeing what outrageous thing he’ll say next, and that this provides eyeballs for the ads that finance media operations. Just this spud’s opinion.

Left wing radio could exist with or without ‘equal time’ laws. If anyone cared to listen to it.

The point is that an “equal time” law would prohibit either a right wing it left wing radio station from existing.

Well, that’d be unconstitutional.

So we changed what was possible under the constitution quite recently? I thought it was immutable.


There’s no media conspiracy to make Trump the nominee.

They’re giving him time because people can’t tear their eyes away from the television when he says something else crazy and arrogant.

Look at all the tremendous volume of discussion about Trump on this board. Because he’s a singular and polarizing figure in American politics right now. Do you think that all the posters here are involved in some calculated plot to promote Trump? The media is just going after the audience.

Plus, he is the front-runner for the GOP presidential nominee. That’s an actual news-worthy thing that deserves some airtime. Moreso then the guy running in fifth place or whatever.

And its not like most of the airtime given to Trump is fawning. Most of the stories are about what crazy racist thing he said this week, or how the rest of the GOP hates him.

I’m guessing the OP is confusing the Equal Time law with the Fairness Doctrine [emphasis mine].

Or it might mandate equal time, per se, so that if a LW station aired for 50 hours a week, a RW station would also have to air 50 hours a week.

This is one of the reasons publicly financed elections would be such a problem: in addition to publicly financed ads, some candidates would benefit from news coverage, which cannot be limited.

(News coverage, alas, can be “faked.” It’s perfectly feasible to get a newspaper or radio station to do “coverage” that is biased and intended to be persuasive. Some small newspapers are all “editorial page” from cover to cover.)

Not all points of view fit some arbitrary left wing/right wing dichotomy. The government has no business regulating political speech. If people wanted to listen to a left wing point of view there’d be outlets for that. Which quite coincidentally exist.

Yes. No station has to let any candidate use its time.

But if it lets one candidate buy 20 minutes for $500 it has to let all other legally qualified candidates who wish to ALSO buy 20 minutes for $500.

He flat out lied about Trump steaks and Trump wine being his. We’re not talking he distorted some facts, he flat out lied and said Trump steaks are still available- they’re not- and that he owns Trump wine- he doesn’t- and other whoppers.
I wonder does this make CBS liable for any kind of fraud.