Fox coverage of Trump campaign rallies and "equal time"

I don’t watch Fox so I didn’t know they have been airing all of his campaign rallies. While they were airing them, didn’t they run afoul of the equal-time rule?

(Apparently the White House is now concerned because Fox has stopped doing that. One reason they may have stopped is that the ratings were poor.)

Equal-time Rule

Don’t they show the rallies on cable, so the rule doesn’t apply anyway?

There’s still an equal time rule? I thought Reagan effectively got rid of it?

That’s the Fairness Doctrine. Not the same thing but in the same ballpark.

Somehow, however, enforcement of the equal time rule nearly dried up around that time as well. But it never applied to cable TV.

Mixing things up: One serious problem is that a lot of people think there are government rules preventing Fox News and such from lying and things. E.g., my mother believes this.

Fox News is “Fair and Balanced”. It says so in their tagline; what more do you want, fact checking?

If Trump needs better ratings to get coverage for his rallies, he just needs to invite Kanye to offer color commentary. Those two are the new Burns & Allen. Except they’re both think they’re playing the Gracie role.


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That goes for everyone.

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I overlooked this. Yes, it applies only to broadcast stations.

Correct me if I’m wrong (I probably am), but I seem to remember Donald Trump hosting SNL a few years ago and I’m almost certain he hosted it after he had declared his candidacy for the presidency. I always wondered how that worked under the Equal Time rule and why all the other presidential candidates didn’t get a chance to host SNL.

He hosted in November 2015. Clinton and Sanders both appeared on the show while running but didn’t host. How do you know they didn’t get the chance and turned it down? I couldn’t find out one way or the other.

I remember reading how under equal time rule some of the lesser candidates were offered free airtime for their campaign commercials to counter this but a lot refused since they couldn’t pick the exact time or place of the ads.