ER: Finders Keepers, 4-3-03

Did anyone catch ER the other night? My GOD, can Romano be more of a prick?

Couldn’t he be seriously fired for his behavior? If my boss ever treated me like that, I’d be on the phone with the local labor department, pronto!

(Oh, and Luka was as sexy as ever! YUM. Carter’s hot too.)

My new mantra is More Romano, More Romano ! I really enjoyed his frustration and the way he dealt with it.

I don’t think he can be fired for being a prick with the employees, but if he makes another bad call with a patient (no sublingal nifedipine, please!), he might be up for some probationary action.

And yeah, I’m dreaming of a Luka/Carter/Me sandwich.

Frankly, I was glad he got the crap kicked out of him in that bar at the end of the episode. Maybe he’s finally going to learn some humility?

Who beat him up? I always forget to pay attention at the end.

As far as I could tell? The entire bar.
[sub]he deserved it[/sub]

Some bar patrons who had had enough of his insults regarding a silly tv program, monstro. I think he wanted to be beaten up.

I was hoping Helah (sp?) would file a complaint against him for the way her treated her, trying to fire her like that. I loved how he went to Jerry (the desk clerk!) to find out who he could fire.
And you’ll have to hold off on that Luka/Carter/beckwall sandwich for now. I have Luka, and I’m not done with him yet. :wink:

It seems pretty clear to me that he’s trying to get himself fired and/or killed. The assholishness is a deliberate attempt to provoke people. He can’t quit/kill himself, so he’s trying to antagonize someone else into doing it for him.

When they started hitting him, I started cheering. Yay!

I think that Luka is going to have a new story with that kid who needs surgery back in Croatia. Also, didn’t he say it’s the son of one of his former classmates? And it’s a she? Maybe a new love interest as well…

I think Susan is going to stick with the new hubby.

No, I mean, I think Romano could get fired for the racist and bigotted remarks to employees. (Calling Gallant a product of affirmative action? Luka-“Hey Greencard!”)

“He’s a cockroach: he doesn’t evolve, and he’s going to outlast all of us.”

I didn’t catch the names at the beginning… Was Susan’s husband the guy who was the father in Fox’s “Grounded For Life”? It sure looks like him.

Yes, that was him, av8rmike. I guess Ground for Life truly has been canceled. I really loved that show.

Yep, Susan went and married Donal Logue. Whodathunkit? Can’t wait to see how long it is before that whole storyline gets Bobbed.

As for Romano, where is there for him to go unless he gets function of his arm back in some kind of latter day miracle? He’s either going to have to regain his ability to be a surgeon or he’s going to end up off of the show. (Does Paul McCrane have a contract beyond this season?)

As it stands, he cannot be a surgeon again. He has shown that he’s incapable of being a manager or a teacher. (Attendings in an educational hospital have a teaching responsibility. Note that when it comes to emergency medicine, the student – Gallant – is far better versed than Romano in medical cases.) He has managed to enrage or horrify every professional in the ER.

And above all, he’s lost the ability or desire to advocate for patients. That was the thing that really jumped out at me. The one thing that Robert Romano has always done, even if in his prickly way, was make sure that the patients’ needs came first. He went out on Christmas Eve to implant the LVAD device when Lucy Knight went knocking on his door. He insulted the chief of staff at another hospital (“I expect you to treat them just like your mother, but without the inappropriate touching!”) to ensure that there was a place for all of the ICU patients when the hospital was evacuated. He constantly badgered ER staffers about the time it took for them to get patients up to the OR – partly because he revels in badgering his colleagues (who he obviously felt superior to) but also because he knew that when it came to critical trauma surgeries, time is absolutely of the essence.

But now, in three cases in just one shift, he made orders which ran wholly counter to the needs of the patient. If his edicts had been carried out, Gallant’s hypertensive woman and Carter’s asthma kid would’ve died just like Susan’s broken ankle and aneurysm lady, who Romano wanted turfed or sent back to chairs as soon as the ankle was dealt with. That’s not Robert Romano.

I’m not terribly optimistic except for the fact that there is still one person on his side, because there is one person who has seen his human side. So long as Elizabeth Corday is around and willing to point out that Romano isn’t just a prick, he’s a prick going through an incredibly awful psychological crisis, there’s a ray of hope.

But I’m not putting on any sunglasses yet.

Uhm, what? Why can’t Logue do both shows? It’s not like he’ll appear in every episode of ER in the future.