Er - 10/30/03

I had to let the neighbor’s dog out, and missed the last 15 minutes or so. I saw up until the boy refused to go see the dying mother. Can anyone fill me in what happened after that?

Basically the patient Athena (like the goddess) came in, in an ambulance. She didn’t have a hangover like she thought, but a brain bleeder. She died on the table. The young Dr. (white guy with the goatee) quit and walked off because he was the one that missed it and said that the other young guy had been carrying him the whole time and he couldn’t do it.

The luka got the three Med students and lined up everyone in triage and did a quick diagnoses of each one in order to clear all the patients.

Romano was leaving through the ER and asked what the “gumballs” were doing and Luka told him…

Romano looked around for a few seconds and said something along the lines of, “'bout time”

I think that’s about it…

Did the burned mother die?

I don’t think she died during the show, but everyone expects her to die within the next day or so.

She was shown being wheeled up to the burn unit, where I presume she’ll die as I believe Luka said she has a 10% chance of surviving.

Susan also busted into Bob Newhart’s home with two EMTs, only to find him painting a model. We find out Newhart built architectural models before his macular degeneration progressed to its current state, and at one time worked with Mies van der Rohe. Then there was a nifty exchange where Newhart talked about music and Susan talked about getting him a pill reminder and counseling. I missed much of the nuance of this season thanks to Susan’s efforts to assuage her guilt over what she saw as causing the mother’s suicide, so if anyone else can fill me in on a little more of what Newhart had to say it would be appreciated.

And by “season,” I of course mean “episode.”

Susan asked the guy if he would promise not to commit suicide for the next three days. He said he would, but he wondered if that meant Monday would be OK.

If that’s for me, BobT, I was referring to what he was saying about the music while Susan kept interjecting about the pills and whatnot.

Dr. Morris (98% sure) (the inept med student) had the chance to face his demons, admit that he’s been scared, stupid, and a pain-in-the-ass, and finally either giveup or buckle down and become a doctor. As Pratt said, “Some people aren’t cut out to be a doctor.” Morris had said to the other male intern, “You know you’ve been propping me up all this time.” So it seems Morris has left.

Susan should not blame herself over the mother immolating herself. It proves better than other times when CPS was called on a case that the mother was unfit. Susan feels a special bond with Newhart but I didn’t catch any particular reason why she’s going out of her way. I did like Susan’s, “Now promise me you won’t do anything for 72 hours.” Newhart, “Oh, okay, but, M-Monday’s okay, then?” My RN-wife said that patients are most dangerous in the first few days/weeks after medication starts because it gives them the energy they didn’t have to commit suicide but the medication hasn’t yet helped them off of their depression.

The new nurse, Sam, appears cocky and it seems she’s been around a lot of other hospitals before. I liked the cockiness (just because she says what I/we want to say) but I felt she was too rude to Neela. My RN-wife also said that nurses do not jump on patients to administer atavan (or whatever); especially without a hep-lock(sp?) and not checking for flashback, etc.

Luka was lining up three rows of patients so that everyone could be seen quickly by a doctor. His diagnoses were more toward “heal-thyself” than “give more tests and meds.” Romano was leaving the ER and Luka answered the “What’s this” to which Romano responded, “Excellent.”

Luka made several statements that his approach to rapid line-of-least-resistance diagnoses stems from his African experience, and there was a scene with Kerry in which he announces his intention to go back there in two months. I kinda doubt this’ll lead to the expected rapid-incorrect-diagnosis-lawsuit bit, again, because that’s pretty much been done to (heh-heh) death in recent seasons.

Indicentally, I don’t think Morris was a med student. I thought he was an intern. Alse, wasn’t necessarily inept, he was just indecisive and somewhat cowardly, unable to take or handle responsibility.

My favorite line. When Susan is asking Newhart the architect not to kill himself for at least 72 hours.

“But Monday’s, okay, then?”
“It gets me off the hook if you do anything.”
“Oh, so this is some kind of career move for you.”

I think sometime in the first or second season, Mark Greene did a similar assembly line thing to clear the waiting room one night. I think the phrase he used to Carter was “Meet 'em, treat 'em and street 'em.”

Newhart wasn’t talking about music while Susan was covering the pills and dispenser. He was talking about architecture, and the three main pillars (Space, Environment, Something??). Clearly, that’s what he lived for and this blindness was taking it all away from him.

I think the Luka stuff is to show him that he can do good in Chicago, these people need his treatment just as much as the people in the Congo. It’s setting up him choosing to stay, IMO.

The third pillar was Proportion. He started to explain it, but Susan interrupted him.

There are so many new people on this thread that it’s like watching ER: The Next Generation.

The scene where Abby showed up for a surgery consult was great for showing Robert’s jealousy, but it confused me. Abby is a third-year med student (I think). Why was she sent down rather than a doctor? Don’t they usually send down an actual surgeon for this sort of thing?

I can see a scene coming along where Robert and Abby are arguing and he says something about how many patients he has saved, and asks “how many lives have you saved” and she replies “I don’t know but I saved you!” Assuming she did, which is how I vaguely remember it. Was there ever a scene where someone told Robert what happened after his arm was cut off?

I got the impression that the ER had been waiting for that consult for a while, and Abby was finally sent since all the other surgeons were busy.

As for me, I was just happy that there was finally an episode that focused primarily on what was going on in the E.R., and not so much on the various soap operas going on in everyone’s relationships. There was a little soap opera, of course, but it was mostly background noise.

And I really like the new nurse. She may not be very realistic, but finally someone who can give as good as she gets with Romano! Yay!

Did people really call him “Mies” or did the writers think that was his first name?

I was a little confused because I missed last week’s episode, but I’m not surprised to see Abby back as a med student. She absolutely hated being a nurse, so hopefully she’ll be back to the nice, normal old Abby instead of the hateful shrew of last season.

The burned woman-AAAHHH!!! THAT gave me nightmares-I dreamed about a little kid who crawled into a fireplace/furnace type thing who was then killed when someone lit the fire. shudder

Oh, and Luka is hot. (Carter is too, but he wasn’t around).

Can you believe Luka wants to go back to Africa after all he went through?
Is Carter supposed to be coming back from that continent one of these days?

Morris was referred to at some point as an “R2”, or a second-year resident. IOW, he has graduated medical school and completed his year as an intern (aka a first-year resident). Incidentally, I am also currently an R2. Usually, by this point, one has figured out whether one wants to be a doctor or not, but ER has never let technical accuracy get in the way of a plot point. (I agree with that approach, FWIW.)

It would not be at all uncommon for the medical student to be sent to see a non-urgent consult. In a teaching hospital like County, this would be the rule rather than the exception. The student will see the patient and write up the note, then present it to the attending (or resident), who will then see the patient himself and write his own addendum to the note.

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