ER episode 10-9-0, or How Luka remains sexy even with the sniffles (SPOILERS)

Obviously, there will be spoilers:

Abby is such a bitch, I hate her, I hate her, I hate her! Was it just me, or did it seem that she was more interested in going and seeing Luka than her patients? She had this look on her face like, “How DARE they ask me to help them-my ex-boyfriend is here!”

And it seemed like she figured that since Carter dumped her, she might as well go crawling back to Luka. ARGH! DIE, ABBY!!!

Romano throwing his prostethesis at the window was pretty cool.

Oh, and it looks like Romano:


I was right! :smiley:

Oh, and Luka was smokin’ hot! As usual!

I’m ticked at Abby for talking with the young heart patient at the end of the show.

What was she thinking, that somebody else needed to be as miserable as she was?

Of course they need patients to trust their caregivers, but since there was a tiny chance that the diagnosis was wrong, why not wait for a few days, until they have the results of the other test?

I guess what Abby did is a good start for a dialogue on who should make those decisions.

I disagree about the girl’s need to know. She perceptive enough to know that something is seriously wrong. Leaving her in suspense would be far worse than telling her, especially when she knows that everyone around her knows what’s going on.

Besides, even if the cath results showed something else, she’s still a teenager with serious cardiomegaly and tricuspid regurgitation, so she has something serious going on, whether it’s PPH or not. (It’s too late and I’m too tired to come up with what else it could be.)

Of course, it would be completely inappropriate for Abby to tell her, but Susan seems to be awfully passive on the issue. I would encourage the parents to let me tell her what’s going on and involve her in the decision-making process. If they refused, I think the MD could make a case for overriding the parents and telling her anyway.

As for the rest, Corday is really hot, the new med student is really hot (I clearly have a think for British accents, or maybe my wife has just been out of town too long), Chen was a real bitch (what, did she think Pratt was off ring-shopping?), the schlong-waving match between the new resident (“Coop”) and Romano was great (I’ve had colleagues dumb enough to pick fights with attendings), and the Abby Has A Bad Day episode has been done before.

Dr. J

Is PPH inevitably fatal? I googled a bit and it didn’t look that bad.

This episode was a lot better than last week’s episode. They’re back in the ER where they belong.

In an earlier episode, Jing-Mei’s mother was played by Nancy Kwan. But now, her mother no longer appears to be an upper middle class doctor, but more of a first generation immigrant from China.

And I think that her mother is played by Kieu Chinh, who played her mother in “The Joy Luck Club”.

I stopped watching ER after Dr. Greene died and just started watching it again on last week’s episode in the Congo. How did Romano lose his arm?

Also, the new British Indian resident is hot. Abby is still hot. I’m glad to see Carrie promoted to admin where she belongs.

He got too close to the tail rotor of a helicopter on the roof of the hospital.

From UpToDate, a medical database that I have paid access to (hence, no link):

Yes, it is a nasty condition.

Dr. J

“the schlong-waving match” :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks, I needed a laugh. Yeah, that was a great scene. Gotta love someone standing up to Romano.

I love that Elizabeth is with someone other than Romano. There was some speculation that she’d end up with him (excuse me while I throw up) and I like this other guy (Bruno Campos - don’t know his character’s name yet) better. But in the car? Please, you’re not a couple of teenagers. Get a room!

I’ve been sick of the whole Abby/Carter romance, so I hope they are broken up for good. I don’t want to see her go running back to Luka, either. Maybe having Gillian there scared her off.

I’m loving Neela, the new resident. I just saw “Bend It Like Beckham” this past weekend and she was great in that. I hope TPTB can take some focus off Abby And Her Sad Bad Days and give Neela some good storylines.
I hope we see more of Coop.
I’d love to see more of Susan, too. She needs a good storyline.

And of course, Luka was still hot. Even with malaria.
I’d do him. :::drool::: :smiley:

Whoa, who is Liz hooking up with? Did she know Huge Ego Heart Doc before he shoved his hands in the guy’s chest?

Is Cute as a Button Girl a med student or a resident? Surely she should know how much epi to give an asthma sufferer.

It was nice to see Coop butting heads with Romano. I look forward to future clashes.

Is Abby the new Nurse Manager? And I missed the part about why the nurses were walking out.

And as much as I think Romano is an insufferable prick, I think he has a serious point about his prothesis. Either they give him the proper arm to allow him to do his job, or they declare him disabled and compensate him accordingly. (Ain’t CGI a beautiful thing?)

And is PPH the disease where you need a heart/lung transplant?

The nurses walked out in protest against Romano cutting their hours way back so that they could be replaced by younger nurses who get paid less. Everyone kept asking Abby to talk to Romano but she either never got around to it, or she was chicken. Probably both.

Neela has such a pretty voice-I wish I had a voice like that!

I read somewhere that we’re supposed to see Linda Cardellini of Freaks and Geeks as a nurse. Hopefully soon.

I hope Gillian stays. Luka needs someone steady in his life.

I see Romano and Coop becoming a bit of team, possibly a mentor/student relationship. They are perfect for each other, no one (other than Carrie calling him her bitch) ever calls him on things. Coop has the balls to be a surgeon and Rocket may figure it out.

Yes, Korday and the heart surgeon know each other and have flirted a bit before. That’s why she had him paged personally, she knew he’d come quickly.

Pardon that last pun.

Cute as a Button Girl is a med student. She was taking orders from a 2nd year resident. (Is that correct? I lost track a bit.)

I don’t get the Abby and Luka relationship at this point. She’s always been attracted to him, but why go after him now? Just feeling sad for herself and this hunky guy is there? And will we ever get to see Carter and the Canadian Red Cross working in the steamy jungle?

She’s a 2nd-year medical student.

Hey Chen (and everybody), until you’re married or engaged, there is no committment going on.

No big surprise here. We had Carol accidentally get pregnant by Doug, Deb got accidentally pregnant by some guy who works on another floor, Elizabeth got accidentally pregnant by Mark, we thought Peter got a former girlfriend pregnant (though it turned out not to be his), and Luca got a bar waitress pregnant (who ended up getting an abortion). So there’s a pattern of hormone-induced unprotected action going on by all these highly trained medical workers. Maybe Lizzy will have Huge Ego Heart Doc’s baby now.

And of course:


I just started watching ER reruns last year on TNT (after having never seen an episode). At the beginning of this season, the “in Africa” storyline caught my interest, and I’ve been watching.

Abby wanting to see Luka seemed completely in line…I mean, she did think he had died, right? Her chilly reaction to Gillian was out-of-line, however.

So has Carter left the series or is he just on sabbatical? Is it as easy as all that for Gillian to come to Chicago and get a job at Luka’s hospital? Does anybody know if nurses in Chicago have a union?

I thought the character of Coop is well written but the actor playing him didn’t rise to the challenge. Maybe he’ll grow on me.

It’s my understanding that Noah Wyle’s wife has had a baby, and he’s taking time off.

I’m a little tired of seeing egotistical doctors. Romano, Cooper, even Susan telling Abby, “I’m a doctor, you’re a nurse, do as I tell you.” I’d like to see how much work the docs get done without the nurses.

It was definitely in line, but what, no hug? A hunky ex-boyfriend who she thought was dead and is now safely back and recovering and she doesn’t even give him a hug?

I’ve read that Noah Wylie is taking some time off, however, his contract woith the show runs for two more years so he’ll be back in six episodes or so.

IIRC, she never actually touched him. Seemed pretty odd to me as well.

I drifted away from the series last year, tuning in near the end for the Africa sequence. The thing had just gotten too…angst-ridden, I guess. The whole Carter-Abby thing was too soap-opera tedious, and I found myself wishing a meteor would fall on them.

This season seems to have much better writing and more energy and I’m still blown away by the sets and direction in the Africa scenes.