ER last night (2/15) (possible spoilers??)

I missed the last 15 minutes of ER last night. Can anyone fill me in?


[spoiler]Abby gets a phone call from the FAA to inform her that her brother’s plane was found tied down in Michigan. He’s not dead but his whereabouts are unknown. Abby’s mother had gone off to catch a the el to get to the airport, but Abby catches her and lets her know that the plane is found, and they go to Doc Magoo’s to discuss what they can do. They decide to wait until Eric contacts them.

The cancer kid that Susan was treating went home with his mom to die.

Pratt and Jing-Mei were sharing a tender moment as she showed him a photo of her baby, then we discover that he had arranged a date with the female paramedic from his ride along. He tried to convince Jing-Mei that he was going out with both the male and female but he clearly wasn’t. Looks like their fling is over.

Luka saves the crystal meth kid by sticking him in a snowbank and dousing him with saline to bring his fever down. Kerry still gives him hell about missing half of his shift.

Kerry goes home and tells Sandy that she wants them to try again to have a baby, but she thinks that Sandy ought to carry this child. Sandy declines. Kerry admits that she feels that something is missing in her life and their relationship. They argue a bit. Sandy walks away from the conversation.

In the last scene: Abby is on the roof of the airport smoking a cigarette when Carter comes up and finds her. He’d been looking for her since she ran off to find her mother quite a while earlier. They talk; she says that her life is a mess, is crazy and backwards and in limbo and always will be because of her family. He says that it doesn’t have to be and that she shouldn’t run away from him all the time. They start to argue, she asks what he wants from her, he blurts out “I want to marry you!” Black screen, credits, the end.[/spoiler]

D’oh :smack:

Obviously (and I think I can say this without using the spoiler tag) I meant hospital roof, not airport roof. I don’t know where that came from!

2/15 was last night? Is it B.C. again already? :slight_smile:

No, he didn’t. His mom wanted Susan to talk him into going home to die, but when Susan talked to him, he said he wasn’t ready to die, so Susan said “then fight with all you’ve got”. He’s gonna fight.

So, what do you all think? Will Abby say yes? If she doesn’t, she really is crazy!

All I know is that an episode without Romano is like a day without sunshine.

she might give him a hard time thinking about it for a while, but it will be a YES!

I was a little thrown by the reporting of the brother’s plane. Abby was told “Sault Saint-Marie” and later, she and her mother look it up on a map and find it in Michigan. I didn’t know there was a Sault Saint Marie in Michigan, but I’ve been to one in Ontario. I thought it was odd that some FAA drone would give Abby a city name without mentioning the state/province.

I missed Romano too…he’s the best part of this show!

I’ll say this, for the past three months there has simply not been enough:




Sure enough.

It’s directly across the water from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

Huh. I didn’t know there was one in Ontario.


So, do you think Weaver’s mugger is going to come back later and sue her? (There have been more asinine suits, and he could claim that my shutting the door she injured him.)

I wonder why she and Sandy don’t consider adoption? Both want a child and neither particularly want to be pregnant, plus Weaver’s age and physically-demanding/highly-responsible position and her CP would all make pregancy even more uncomfortable than it is for most women.

Isn’t Wyle/Carter leaving the show? If so, I’m guessing he and Abby won’t marry. While the turnover on that show is jarring, I actually think it helps keep it fresh and realistic. (Most of us would find if we returned to where we were working 8 years ago that few of the faces would be familiar.)

I wonder if the Canadian border has anything to do with Eric’s decision to ground his plane there? He could be convinced that the military is out to get him so he has to flee to Canada. Or maybe he’s planning an invasion.

Maybe he didn’t want to be sent to Iraq.

Burn your draft card, man!

As for Sault Ste-Marie, I’ll bet one of the writers was looking at a map of Michigan and picked a name he though was kinda neat, without noticing Ontario had a city of the same name not far away. It’s the kind of mistake a TV writer could make, but not a member of the FAA.


Where did you hear that? Oh please no! He’s the main character, and except for Susan, the only one of the original cast!

Is that cancer kid Patrick Fugit (from Almost Famous), or am I mistaken?

WAG: Probably because gay adoption is not legal in most states, assumably it’s not legal in Illinois. One or the other could adopt, but given both are in high-risk, high-stress jobs, they probably wouldn’t be good candidates. Finally, it’s probably a better ratings-grabbing plot device to have the lesbians (well one of 'em anyway) give birth…

Well there is nothing to suggest they won’t look down that road in the future.

You are right; it’s the same fellow. The mouth gives it away.