Er..... I'm going to go now. Bye. (An odd experience on Second Life)

Last night I decided to install and play Second Life.

Once it was installed I did a little exploring.

I went into one place which seemed like a fairly tame nightclub type place.

I went upstairs, this guy walks over to me. I walk away, and he follows me.

He stands next to me.

All of a sudden I start hearing… sounds coming from my speakers…

I think I might go… now. Bye.

Well, that confirms everything I’ve ever read about Second Life.

Leave now? And miss the gambling, the porno theaters, the furries, and the orgy raves?

If you stay away from the nightclubs, the game can be pretty interesting. I stopped playing pretty quick because of the lag though.

The Lag and the rather crappy look of it is what stops me playing for very long.

Which is why I posted a thread in asking if there were any alternatives…

And I see that someone has finally replied to it. Off to read those replies…

p.s. when your character is running he or she looks like he/she is having an epileptic fit.

There is something about online games that brings out the nutters.

I once had someone, out of the blue, send me a message asking for gender, age, location, sexual orientation, and if I wanted to cyber (as in cybersex).

I spend the next 1/2 hours following him around asking, where everyone else could see it “What? You want to cyber? Is that what you mean, Fred? You want to cyber?”

I think I made him cry, because there had to have been hundreds of people that read that.

Okay, but Second Life isn’t actually a real game, is it? Like, it doesn’t have rules or anything, right? You just sort of…are. But online.

I’m not really getting it. I can hang around pointlessly in my first life.

Yeah, but you aren’t doing it on the intrawebs; therefore it’s not as cool.

Can you fly? Or build architecture that doesn’t have to obey certain rules of physics?
The idea of this game has huge potential. It just hasn’t been executed very well.

I just downloaded it to see what the fuss was all about. It’s laggy and not very interesting (to me). To be deleted shortly.

I installed this and managed maybe fifteen minutes of “play” before I got bored and removed it. Between the lag, annoying interface, and not exactly impressive graphics, I couldn’t see the appeal.

Perhaps if I’d inspired noisy masturbation I would have felt differently?

PS: Can I have my hour back that it took to load the thing, and build my avatar? :mad:

There are times when I’m glad I only have ultra-slow dial-up.


Was he really pleasuring himself? Did you have voice chat activated? You’d know because you’d see white dots over yourself and others, and if his microphone is on, his white dot would change to having green ‘sound waves’ coming off it to show his mic was on and activated.

This is a first though, nobody’s done that to me yet. And you’d think it would have happened in the places I’ve hung out in.

Yep you can fly, and do other cool stuff. One person created a house that was a tesseract - you could go in any direction and eventually come back to the room you started in. Another person created a working ecosystem with some low level evolution and weather.

I’ve been exploring but never done anything too creative myself. I did copy a globe somebody made, enlarged it to be bigger than myself and set it to carry mode so it looked like I was the globe itself. I would sit in a public area looking like a big statue people watching. And then I’d start spinning or moving to surprise people. :smiley:

Glad to help out, gimme just a second…
:wink: just kiddin

::singing:: Lobsang has a boyfriend ::singing::

Now ducking and running :smiley: