ER Salaries

Could anyone tell me typically what the annual salaries would be for the E.R roles that the cast play, e.g. Carter, Green, Benton, etc.


I don’t watch the TV show so I don’t know what positions you are refering to.

One of my neighbors though, told me his brother is an ER doctor somewhere in Texas and makes an abyssmal $22/hr.

One thing to remember is that, with the exception of the superrich Carter, they all came out of med school with an enormous amound of debt. Hence, a newer doctor wouldn’t be eating caviar and living on the Gold Coast.

In my area, $60-75 an hour is competitive for a board-certified ER doc. But a lot of places are moving to the production model, where you get re-imbursed based on what you do. You’ve got to hope you’re busy, and that you get to do a lot of procedures. You’ve got to see a lot of sore throats to make as much as you will from placing one chest tube, or doing a single defibrillation at a cardiac arrest.