No ER 10/23 thread? Huh.

Why did Abby need a loan?

Why are they so short staffed? Can’t they call in doctors when they’re running busy? It didn’t seem like Luka was busy that night :wink: They made Abby stay late…why couldn’t they keep the other doctors?

There’s too many interns…I can’t keep them straight.

Romano clicking his prosthetic fingers in Pratt’s face was hysterical.

I don’t understand why that guy with the broken leg had to wait so long for surgery. Doesn’t that leave them open to a lawsuit?

I think Pratt going in to remove the quarter from the kid’s throat was very brave. I can’t believe they would wait until morning to remove an airway obstruction.

So, Doper Docs…just how realistic is ER anyway?

Abby has often shown to be more knowledgeble than the doctors (and of course the med students), she has mentioned that she hates her job, she told Luka that she came to a decision, so I suspect that she wants the loan to go back to medical school. She was a med student a few years ago, but couldn’t afford to continue.

This was another one of those “the ER is busy beyond belief” episodes, where one person has everything thrown at them. Didn’t Abby just have a show like this about her?

I didn’t think about Abby going back to med school.

You’re right, AV8R, I think every character has had a “The world is falling on top of me” show. My favorite was the one with Mark Green, where the ER was so slammed that he started treating the people in triage, quick and dirty, no paperwork.

I just figured Abby was broke, that’s why at one point shee called to see if she could get a cash advance (on her crdit card perhaps?). Not paying for med school, just trying to clean up her bills.

The guy with the broken leg had to wait because orthopedics was overloaded/taking their sweet time. Hence, Pratt going upstairs to shame them into sending a doctor downstairs.

As for the kid with a quarter, Pratt was incredibly foolish and it came around to bite him in the ass. The kid was on oxygen and stable. Pratt tried a makeshift device to perform a procedure he wasn’t qualified to do (if he were, he would have done it hours earlier with the right equipment.) Now THAT’s grounds for a lawsuit.

…and that leaves the door open for Carter’s return. He’s got all this money he seems to care very little about. He could swoop in, and pay for Abby’s school like it was a tip on a steak dinner.

I don’t bother to learn the Intern’s names until they’ve got a credit in the opening of the show…that’s when you know they’ll be sticking around for a while.

I missed the first 10 minutes of the show because NBC had me under the impression that the show would be a rerun, due to the World Series.

Did I miss anything significant?

What’s the deal with the unreliable med student? He’s always on the phone, never does what he’s asked to, and seems to be squeamish around blood and bodily fluids. I’m thinking he’s there to cause a catastrophe in a future show.

Dr. Chen’s answer to the apology by the med student who was being hit on by Pratt was much too pat. You know she was jealous, and that’s where it all started. They’re turning him into another Dr. Dave.

Every other time Abby’s ex has showed up, he was smirking about something. I guess a visit at 8am is what it takes to make him cranky.

It’s just so convenient that Luka’s new squeeze is going out of town for 2 months, just as Abby finds herself free from Carter. Didn’t see that one coming… well, maybe.

Corday is having second thoughts about Jesse’s old boyfriend? She seems more concerned about what people will think, as she showed in the elevator conversation with Abby. I think she still feels bad about the time she spent away from Mark over Rachel’s accidental dose of ecstasy to the baby. or is it something else, and I’m looking too deep?

More questions than answers.

Abby wouldn’t take the money from Carter unless their relationship was in a much better place. I doubt she’d let him swoop in and save the day.

The unreliable doctor on the phone is a 2nd year resident I think, not a med student. He was in charge of the procedure when the “Bend it like Beckham” med student was irrigating the broken leg. He is a peer of Pratt, just like Coop, only he’s a complete waste of oxygen.

What amazes me is how much info the ER docs keep in their heads at one time. Anyone know if that is realistic?

Oh, and Luka isn’t well enough to treat patients I guess. He was close to death recently and probably not up to the pace of the ER. He said he still tires easily, not something you want in an ER doc.

They need to re-cut the opening credits - right towards the end, Dr. Romano slams through a set of double doors, pushing one open wth each hand.

ivylass - that “Dr. Greene treats and streets everyone in Chairs” ep is also one of my partner’s favorites.

As for the realism of the show…well… They do pretty good with the doctors are gods, nurses are peons, but the nurses often have more practical knowledge than the docs, as well as the testosterone-fueled egos. But, they do like to throw around medibabble. This week’s seemed to be one of the few where someone didn’t run into one of the trauma rooms yelling “Thoracotomy tray!”