Er 11/23 (spoilers)

I may have to tape this and watch it tomorrow, but here goes the thread.
Pratt talks to Weaver about his brother, and that’s as much as I know. I’m not sure if they’re going to pursue the relationship between her and the reporter in this ep.

Hasn’t Abby already had numerous episodes with “events” that define who she is?
The commercials for this episode have been annoying the crap out of me. It’s like they decided the voice over wasn’t sappy enough so “hey, let’s add the “alleluia” song”. :rolleyes:

I plan on falling asleep.

What happen with Pratt and his brother? The clip indicated they he found him in the shower with another guy (where can I get that scene, he looked hot). The bus crash scenes would be great in a zombie movie. I have to ask what did they do with the old lady now they’re doing evacs?

I woke up during the last 10 minutes. What happened to Abby that she’s telling Luka what to do “if something happens to me”?

She had a ‘life-changing experience’ where she saved another mother from a crashed bus. It made her wonder if someone would know what to do with Joe if she dies. And apparently, she does not trust Luka, although that guy is like a walking deathwish, so if I were her I might be nervous too.

Did anyone else find the part where the bus fell off the cliff hilarious? It was such an incredible cliche - it even blew up at the bottom!

Where in Illinois do we have cliffs?

It’s TV geography. It’s the same world where Jericho, Kansas has mountains.

The bus falling off the cliff and bursting into flames were the icing on the cake. After responding to a call with one patient already on board and sending a flight doc down the ropes rather than landing, I knew they’d cram every cliche in that they possibly could.

To be fair, it looked sort of like a steep slope into a lake or river, but it was dark. They actually said the location pretty clearly, but I can’t remember what it was - it would be interesting to know if there is anything even remotely like it near Chicago.

Pratt at first had thrown his brother out, then asked him to come back. Pratt sought advice from Weaver about his brother’s being gay.

No sign of Mr. Ames this time.

I only caught the last few minutes, starting with the moment when the bus fell off this seemingly impossibly high cliff (for the Mid-West). I liked the scenes with Neela and Tony (“slow?”) but wondered why the woman he was living with and the girl came in at that time? I think the girl was saying something about water? Did they move out and have a problem with water in their new place? The previews for next week imply that Neela is not happy with Tony’s messy personal life.

I don’t like Tony and Neela together I just don’t find they have any chemistry.

You got that right! Why can’t Neela get together with Ray?

Or, for that matter, me?

but now she’s defining herself as a mother!

What’s up w/Weaver and that TV producer/director chick- I thought Weaver was basically married to the other woman with whom she had a baby. She seemed to be getting pretty flirty/cutesy with the producer, which seems uncharacteristic for her. Did I miss an episode where they broke up or something?

She died several seasons ago, followed by an ugly custody battle between Weaver and her intolerant in-laws.

Yep, she (“Sandy Lopez” played by Lisa Vidal) died fighting a warehouse fire. She of course gets brought to the ER as she is dying.

Oh- right. I think that was back when I hated the show, but watched it every week. Now I just sort of dislike it (but watch it every week).

I’m such a loser.

You’re not alone. I hang in there just to see when Neela and Ray finally hook up. And John Stamos and Luka are nice eye candy.