E.r. 11/16

Two of the docs combat each other tonight.

I wonder if Mr. Ames will continue to harass and stalk Luka and family.

I’ve been enjoying ER so much more this season. I hope the streak continues.

Bump, and I’ll be back tomorrow.

And of course my toddler decided to officially hit the Terrible Twos and throw a 40 minute long stomping screaming chair throwing tantrum because I wouldn’t allow her to touch my very hot hot chocolate…
So I missed all but the first twenty minutes.

I’m really curious about why that boy kept calling Neela the blue lady.

I was skeptical at first about the blue lady bit, but I thought it really worked.

We need more about Pratt and his brother and his (perhaps?) homophobia.

Poor Trixie-from-Deadwood.

And I’m officially old. I keep falling asleep at some point during the first 20 minutes. Good thing I taped it.

When Hope accompanied Pratt to the church with the “borrowed” medical supplies, she was commenting on how she loved old churches and at one point turned around and said “it’s so HUGE!!” Was it my imagination, or was the pastor checking out her badonka-donk when he answererd, “yes, it is…”?

The drunk whose son was killed by a drunk driver was really sad. I thought the thing with the kids was a bit much though. Especially the “blue lady” kid. I hope they give a rabies shot to the patient who was in the operating room when the kid ran in there.

He most definitely was. :slight_smile:

Good show, although I didn’t really get the kits fantasy world. And I really hope they don’t save the kid from rabies. Only one person has ever survived, it would be extremely unlikely that this would be the second.

I saw where Luka got the envelope which I assumed had the toy frog in it?? Did anything come of that, like him warning Abby? I turned it off since I didn’t have an interest in the kids’ story.

Oh- what was the point of the lingering glare Luka gave Fred Ward as he & Abby left the bar- is he just getting super paranoid about everybody because of Ames? It seemed like pretty harmless conversation.

Nope. Why should he warn Abby? Then that whole story arc could be resolved with a brief conversation—so much better to keep it to himself so Ames can do some real harm.

Yeah, he’s sure to get super paranoid, but IIRC, Fred Ward’s character turns out to be

Abby’s long lost father (explaining his pleased reaction when he learned that she had become a doctor). I read other boards that speculate that the reveal of Abby’s dad will come when he unexpectedly saves her from Ames.

I really wish I hadn’t read the spoiler. :smack: :smack:

Is the TV news reporter hitting on Weaver, or did I misinterpret that scene?

You’re kidding, really? I didn’t see that part but last week I did predict a relationship between them.

As gigi said, that would be a strong affirmative. Gotta get Carrie back in a relationship.

So do you think they made up that one homeless kid to look like Frodo on purpose?

Especially since…

Laura Innes is expected to leave this season. Sounds like an interesting story arc—TV doc in love with her producer…


Jeez, three musical montages of that annoying, cloying song with the guy that can’t sing? The director should be shot.