E. R. 2/6

Ok, since I don’t see a thread around here, I’ll start one up.

A technical note first: I thought NBC’s blurring of the old woman’s chest was fairly intrusive. If they hadn’t done that (and there hadn’t been such a to-do about boobs on television this week), I probably wouldn’t have noticed it at all.

Kem annoyed me. They’re setting her and Carter up somehow (because how long can Carter actually be happy?) I did like Dr. Weaver’s comment about nobody else going to Africa.

With the class that Luka was teaching, are those supposed to be the same residents that Neela’s a part of or not? I’m confused because there seem to be these random people around, but are Abby and Neela more advanced than them? Then why is Abby meeting curly-headed guy to study?

The "Robert Romano Center for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered patients). The plaque is ugly, why is it there in the ER (or was it elsewhere and I just missed the big move to another part of the hospital by all the staff)?

Or 2/5… how’d I miss that in my preview? Ah well.

She made a great point about costs in Luka’s class, though. He should have been happy she was there instead of irked, but then he’s being rewritten into more of a tool. His first season he was saintly.

What happened to the new residents? Isn’t a residency longer than 6 episodes (I mean, 6 weeks)? Coop, stoner guy and half of the others disappeared while the other half are still there.

That has to be one of the greatest “Ef Yous” in TV history.

ER seems to be losing serious momentum; there are no plotlines currently that I particularly care about and I watch out of habit. At least Alex’s annoying son was mercifully in school for an episode instead of stealing body parts or playing Courtship of Eddie’s Father with Luka, and apparently we got a sneak peek at Corday’s new squeeze, but the show’s vital spark is flickering badly. They need some new characters or new conflict… sumpin’.

The red herring of Frank’s “heart attack” was annoying.

  Actually there was an old woman being operated on last week who's boobs we saw (the one who's graddaughter shouted that she was DNR). If it weren't for Janet Jackson, ER would become the "topless senior citizen show"

Yeah, it was so quick and the camera was looking between some medical equipment that if not for the whole “nipplegate” fiasco, it probably wouldn’t have been noticed, but it was hard to miss the big blurry spot.

She’s annoying me, too. The previews show her leaving, either going back to France or Africa. Perhaps something will happen to her because ER is basically a soap opera so none of the main characters can ever be happy for long.

That was pretty funny moment, however I didn’t think it was very realistic and it seemed a bit like a Punk’d moment. Weaver said the board agreed on it but I think that there would have been a lot more “mainstream” options for a medical center that a board of old codgers (aren’t all boards old codgers?) would agree on.

Ok, since I don’t see a thread around here, I’ll start one up.

A technical note first: I thought NBC’s blurring of the old woman’s chest was fairly intrusive. If they hadn’t done that (and there hadn’t been such a to-do about boobs on television this week), I probably wouldn’t have noticed it at all.
It reminded me of an episode of “Trauma: Life In The ER.”
I knew it was coming, and like you, I probably wouldn’t have noticed it if there hadn’t been such a brouhaha over it this week. The episode they reran last week had old-lady naked boobies in it, too, and no one made a big deal about it.

I also thought Kem was a bit annoying.

And Susan’s pregnant? That’s interesting. Is Sherry Stringfield pregnant in real life, and they’re writing it into the show, anyone know?

Sam and Luka finally hookup. Who didn’t see that coming from a mile away? She finds out from Chuny that he “gets around” and follows him to the subway. Oh, please. :rolleyes:

I don’t know if she is preggers in real life, but this was set up in the last episode when Lewis called in sick, but according to Weaver, she didn’t “sound sick”. At least the first thing I thought was that the writers were setting up a morning sickness scenario. Chuck wanted to have a baby earlier this season, remember his not-very-romantic, we’re-not-likely-to-find-anyone-better proposal?

I missed that bit last episode with her calling in sick, but I do remember Chuck’s semi-proposal. I thought it was kind of cute. I like Chuck.
I nearly teared up when he walked out of the elevator (in the eppy where Romano got smushed) and Susan leapt into his arms because she thought he had died in the chopper crash.

Also, is it just me, or is Carter turning into a bit of a sanctimonious prick since he came back? I mean, pushing Pratt to do that thorocentesis when even I could tell it need to be done by a pulmonary specialist, preferably guided by ultrasound? Jeezus, goad the residents all you want, but don’t do it to the detriment of your patients.

They never really said who he was teaching, so there are a few possibilities. They could be third-year students. They could be fourth-year students like Abby, who are currently on another rotation (contrary to NBC’s theory, students and residents don’t spend their whole education in one department.) I doubt they were acting interns (fourth-year students who are taking on intern duties for a rotation), I’d expect them to be down in the ER at least part of the time. They could have been residents from another program, too, maybe internal medicine or family practice. I’m sure a hospital the size of Cook County has multiple residency programs.

It’s in another part of the hospital. Weaver was making a big fuss about everybody being in the lobby at 9 for the dedication, and she sent someone to round up everybody from the ER.

Am I the only one who got the feeling that Romano’s plaque said something to the effect that Romano himself was gay, bi, or transgendered? I know that Weaver said that the GLBT wing was the only thing the board could agree upon. However, what’s-her-name (the female surgeon with the frizzy hair) looked closer at the plaque, said something like “Oh my God,” and hurried away. What deep secret does it reveal?

Corday and Romano were pretty close. I think her “Oh my god.” was just a shocked “Oh my god.” at the fact that the GLBT was sponsored by him, knowing that he would shit if he knew that had happened.

You want to know what’s really annoying about Kem? The way her head bobs around on top of her long neck.

Sorry. I didn’t sleep much last night.

Wasn’t there some new female nurse who showed up? And that surgeon who horned in on Corday’s patients? And where did Steven Culp’s character enter in? He only turned up at the end.

What the heck did I miss? I’ve been watching all along…

Steven Culp appeared at the beginning of the episode when he was taking Corday’s daughter along with his on some outing.

The other radiologist is obviously being set up to be a love interest for Corday. She will likely have to decide between the Steven Culp character and the doctor.

And since Culp plays the Speaker of the House on “West Wing”, I wonder who will win out.?

Culp also plays Webb on JAG and Major Hayes on Star Trek: Enterprise.
He must have a clone or two running around.