Erectile dysfunction and the little blue pill

I am neither a doctor nor a health professional in any way. As always, your mileage may vary. I’d just like to throw this out for consideration. This all comes from my personal experience and journey through the problem.

At 55, my sex life was down the drain. Morning erections were a fond memory and even during sex I had a difficult time getting and maintaining an erection. My doctor told me this was a natural consequence of aging, gave me a prescrition for Viagra, and sent me on my way. The little blue pill worked and so I thought this was my new reality. My overall health is good, so the problem wasn’t from diabetes, high blood pressure, or any other disease mechanism.

Then I was playing poker with some buddies and the subject of Viagra came up (as it were) and one of the guys says, “Viagra treats a symptom. What most guys don’t know is that it is possible to treat the causes so you actually regain your sexual functioning from a systemic level.” Needless to say, this got my attention and after the game I invited my friend to go out the next night for some drinks and a discussion of what he was talking about. He told me about the supplemention program he was on and how he had completely recovered his sexual functioning with nothing more than exercise and over the counter supplements. I was skeptical, but I wrote down his recommendations and started doing some research on the net.

The biggest problem I had with research is that you either find sites trying to sell you stuff or the “scientific” information is from fringe type characters. But in this case my doctor represented the mainstream approach, so I decided that maybe the fringe guys had something worth listening to. In the end, I decided I had nothing to lose but a little money and decided to experiment on myself.

The results were shocking and made me feel that my doctor wasn’t really informed on the subject.

I believe the problem is both with blood flow and hormone/vitamin/mineral levels.

To help with blood flow, exercising the legs is the way to start. Do Step Ups with body weight only. Exercise with a Recumbant Cycle or Eliptical Trainer for a greater range of motion than jogging. Recumbant bikes also have a larger seat than upright bikes and this avoids the problems caused by narrow bicycle seats. Flutter Kicks. Exercise daily to get the blood flowing and it will improve your health overall as well as helping Mr Happy.

The supplement that helps with blood flow to the pelvic area is Yohimbe. WARNING: Some people have had adverse reactions to Yohimbe and its use is not without controversy. Read and follow label recommendations carefully and do some reading to decide for yourself if you want to take it. I take it and it works for me and I can definitely tell the difference between taking it and not taking it but you need to be informed and decide for yourself.

Nitric Oxide (NO) - One of the things that Viagra does is “spare” this blood gas. That means it keeps it from being broken down and used up by the body and so it is available for muscular use in erections. But you don’t need to spare the NO you have if you are making plenty of it all the time and this is what supplementing with L-Arinine and L Lysine will do (2000 to 3000 mg daily). Bodybuilders have been taking these supplements to help with working out for years and they really work.

Zinc - Zinc is what makes semen white. It also is involved in over 200 enzymatic reactions, and aides the body in the actions of several hormones, such as growth hormone, testosterone, insulin. The RDA for Zinc is 15mg but that is just what is necessary to avoid disease. 75mg is more like for men with a healthy sex life. Toxic levels are around 300mg so at 75mg you’re well within the safety zone.

Vitamin E - 1200 IU daily. There is a lot of info out there about Vitamin E and I encourage you to read about it yourself.

B Vitamins help the liver eliminate estrogen which is a good thing if you are a man.

Magnesium - Helps the production of testosterone. 1000mg daily

Tribulus - Another supplement from the world of bodybuilding that helps with testosterone production.

The results - Since I started doing the daily exercise and supplementation program, I have completely regained my sexual functioning! My morning erections are so hard they wake me up! Getting and maintaining an erection during sex is not a problem and I am once again functioning as well as I did in my thirties! Who needs Viagra? Not me!

Again, I am neither a doctor nor a health professional. I don’t sell supplements or work for a company that does. My only reason for posting this is to let my fellow aging boomers know about the alternatives to the little blue pill. This is not a scam email trying to sell you this information. Do some reading and decide for yourself if you want to give this program a try. There are plenty of sites out there that will tell you this is all a load of bull. All I can say is that there is no question that it worked for me.

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I do not own a penis so maybe I’m missing something here, but how is taking handfuls of supplements and exercising easier/better than popping one pill?

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