Erector Sets: can I get inividual pieces anywhere?

      • The title is pretty much it. For a silly R/C project I am working on, using Erector pieces looks promising but I need a certain number of a specific part, and one of the more-expensive kits only comes with a small number of those parts. I seem to remember there’s a website like this for LEGOs, does Erector do the same thing?

You most certainly can NOT have a piece of my…
wait… what?

Well, I did find this page. Just a list of spare parts that he has, and I don’t know if the price is what you were looking at.

      • Exactly what I am needing is small gearwheel and chain-drive parts in various diameters. The shafts need to be around 1/8" inch.
        …The LEGO Mindstorm/Technic kits have both, but they are plastic I was hoping to find some reasonably-priced metal ones, at least brass. I have located a couple sources of aluminum machine pieces, but they are rather larger than I want (smallest shaft is 1/4") and they are expensive (10-tooth chain cogwheel costs $12).

Have you heard of Stock Drive Products? They make lots of small parts for small machines.