Web site that sells small pieces of metal?

I always have a need for small, randomly shaped pieces of metal for various projects. Is there some company that supplies things like this? What about when I need some weirdly-sized bushing, and the local HW store doesn’t carry it?

Where can I find such a magical site?

You could try http://www.smallparts.com/. They’ve got a lot of oddball parts like that.

And there’s the Great Hardware Store In The [del]Sky[/del] Internet, www.mcmaster.com. They probably won’t have some of the more esoteric things that Small Parts carries, but more pedestrian hardware and materials will be a bit cheaper.

I’ll note that if the shapes truly must be random, suppliers may be hard to find.

Nah, you just buy regular shapes and take a Dremel to them with your eyes closed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Should work, though the amorphousness (amorphicity?) may then extend to your fingers.

You people rock.