Eric Woolfson (vocalist/songwriter of Alan Parsons Project) dies at 65

Woolfson was the principal (or possibly even sole) songwriter for the band. Although the band had a revolving door policy regarding lead vocals–with often four or more lead vocalists within the same album–Woolfson’s own vocals became a key part of the band’s signature sound.

He sang two of the band’s biggest hits, Time and Eye In The Sky.

The APP albums of the 70’s, especially I Robot, Pyramania, Turn Of A Friendly Card, and Eye In The Sky, were part of the soundtrack of my adolescence, and I feel like I learned a lot from those records that has served me in good stead as an adult musician.

R.I.P. Eric.


The albums that Alan Parsons released post-Woolfson, while they weren’t radically different in style from the Project albums, just seemed to me to be lacking that something special that made the Project work.

On every Project album, Woolfson sang a guide vocal track for the eventual lead singer of the song to follow, even if it was a different vocalist than Woolfson. Besides “Eye In the Sky” and “Time,” he also sang “Don’t Answer Me,” which is a track that also stood out for me. His voice will be missed.

I wouldn’t want to be like him…(anymore)

Oh, shit. I’m feeling literally sick about this.

Hoops, I appreciate you posting this. (Sounds like sarcasm, but it’s not).

Tales of Mystery and Imagination, Pyramania, and I, Robot for me…very sad to read this. RIP Eric.

Very sad news. I’ve always been a Project fan, and “Don’t Answer Me” is one of my all-time favorite songs.

But time
Keeps flowing like a river (on and on)
To the sea, to the sea
Till it’s gone forever
Gone forever
Gone forevermore

Alan Parsons has issued the following statement:

“I knew of Eric’s illness, but bravely, he always asked that it not be made public.”

“Eric was one of the most generous, musically gifted and knowledgeable people I ever met. He was also - and I mean no disrespect - the most stubborn individual to set foot on the planet - a trait which made him a great businessman.”

“His songwriting talent speaks for itself. He not only wrote the majority of the songs we recorded together but after we had two or three albums under our belts he proved - contrary to my own opinions - that he had a singing voice that would be loved by millions. He never let me forget that I actually disliked Eye In The Sky when he first played it to me - arguably my most famous mistake.”

“One newspaper rather cruelly, but nevertheless to Eric’s amusement, referred to him as “The Songwriting Accountant” . It was also once said that in his music business dealings he managed to achieve the sale of the Eiffel tower and then having done it, sold it again.”

“It is a regret to me that after 15 years of million-selling successes, that his decision to step from the shadows and into the limelight for his first real solo moment of musical glory - Freudiana - was so plagued with personal conflicts with his business partners. Ultimately and sadly, Freudiana was the last occasion we worked together. Speaking of Limelight - my favourite song of Eric’s - was according to him no reflection on his own reaction to stardom or the lack of it. But anyone who knew him will surely agree that upon hearing Limelight’s lyrics that there is a message about his feelings in his chosen profession.”

“The hiccup that the Freudiana debacle caused, fortunately had no long-lasting effect and he continued in musical theatre with notable success, particularly in Germany, Austria and the Far East.”

“I look back upon our times together making The Alan Parsons Projects very fondly. The legacy that Eric created as half of The Alan Parsons Project lived on with a lasting power few artists have ever enjoyed - and I will always be grateful for that.”

Don’t stop bringing the girls ‘round
Don’t start havin’ a showdown
Keep on handin’ the jug round
All that ya need is wine and good company

I can hear the cry
Of the leaf on a tree
As it Falls to the ground
I can hear the call
of an Echoing voice
And there’s no one around

RIP, Eric. Your voice will always be the voice of the Project to me.

“Time” popped into my head the other morning and it made me think of all the people who’ve gone from my life since the song came out. Now I learn it was the same day Eric died.:frowning:
Thank you for the music, Eric.

wow this sucks, i just recently got turned on to alan parsons project. i’m sure he must be lead vocals on old and wise which i love :frowning:

Actually, lead vocals on that one are by Colin Blunstone (former lead singer of The Zombies).

So this thread inspired me to go find a CD of* Tales of Mystery and Imagination*. To my surprise I discovered Orson Welles on it, a person not appearing on my vinyl version. I understand they introduced it later (Wikipedia explains it all clearly), but does his appearance work for other folks, or am I just biased against it by my old un-Wellesed version?