I’ve had a weird experience.

It’s probably just the glue. Remove your head from the bag and everything will be okay in a short time.

As long as we’re discussing errors, what’s going on with the main site? The boards are fine but everything else at keeps timing out.

Dunno. Xash, over in India says he can find it okay. Some kinda DNS glitch methinks. But then, I don’t always know what I’m talking about, so it could be something else entirely. The boards themselves, which are on a separate server from were out for a little bit, too. Again, Xash says they were working fine for him, except for one small hiccup.

Well, I don’t know. Everything seems fine now but for a couple of hours I couldn’t get anywhere on the site excpet for the SDMB.

The boards and the main site are working fine for me now.

A little while ago the main site wasn’t loading at all, but the boards were still working for me, even while Lynn and the others couldn’t seem to connect to the boards.

At the time, the figures were:

Server Load Averages 0.23, 0.45, 0.48
406 users online (317 members & 89 guests)

These figures are incredibly low. Which indicates that certainly there was some problem, but a few users were still getting through.

Right now the figures are:

Server Load Averages 2.02, 1.71, 1.51
687 users online (458 members & 229 guests)

So it looks like the crowds are clamouring at the entrance and free drinks are being served yet again.

Una’s Staff Report (on the main server, not the Board server) got Slashdotted. I was surprised to see the front page up yesterday at all, but it seems to have finally subcumbed. It’s working fine now, at least for me.

Oh My. Please don’ do 'dis to mi.
Ok I’m back. Please tell me what Slashdotted means? I’m fairly bright, and can often figure things out for myself, but… I’m at a loss.
:slight_smile: 'hanks linked to the article.
The bandwidth sucked up by the gazillions of people who clicked on the link is referred to as being slashdotted.

Error Will Robinson!

Thanks, Lobsang – I needed that guffaw to start my day! :smiley:

That first post was just so I’d have a way to report to the mods.

I didn’t want to go into the error because, if there was someone causing trouble on purpose, I didn’t want to say to much about what I’d observed and alert the scumball.

Who knew so many people read this section?

Each of us has a publicly available e-mail address. You may contact any us through that method anytime you wish.

Yeah, but where’s the fun in that?