errrrmmmmm what does OP mean :)

I keep seeing people refering to the OP, what does it mean ?


Original Post, or Original Poster.

OctoPussy - we’re all big Bond fans around here.

j/k, I believe it means “Original Post”.

Original Post or Original Poster, depending on context.

Welcome to the boards. By the way, this probably would have been better suited for About This Message Board.

Original Pranksta

Welcome to th SDMB, Pavlos. Since this is a question about this message board, I’ll move this thread to ATMB, even though it has been answered.

moderator GQ

No-one can be told what the OP is. You have to see it for yourself.

Thanks :smiley:

First you see the OP. Then you errrrmmmmm.


Overland Park.

You down with the OP?
Yeah, you know me!

Been down so long, it looks like OP to me?

“OP” is obviously a tribute to the universally-acclaimed-on-this-board acting prowess of Ron Howard, making reference to his first continuing role!

Not to be confused with the more elusive-to-this-board, the “RC.”