Escolar a.k.a white tuna, suggestions on cooking.

I made some sushi last night and have some tuna fish and also about 400g of Escolar left over. Escolar is also known as super white tuna or snake mackeral.
The tuna is currently marinating ready for a seering later tonight, but I am wondering what to do with the Escolar. Does anyone have any innovative suggestions what to do with it, any good recipies? It will probBly keep until tomorrow, so I don’t need answers fast.

Bonus points if anyone has any experience of the laxative effect of Escolar, personally never had an issue, and yes we will be having small portions.
Ta muchly

My husband had experience with the poo-properties of escolar. Yanno the orange grease on top of pizza? Imagine it shooting our of your bum.

No suggestions here, but thanks for causing me to google the fish. I had never heard of it.

Ministryman’s Escolar

1 6 oz filet of escolar.
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper

Pre-heat your grill.

Take the escolar, and place in a plastic bag.

Take the plastic bag and throw it in the trash.

Use the salt and pepper on a nice New York Strip.

Seriously, Escolar will (in a small percentage of society) send your alimentary canal sideways. It happened to me after 30 minutes of eating. Luckily, i was home and know of the effect. I hadn’t tried the fish before. I have heard stories of the effect taking place a few minutes after the diner had gotten into their vehicle. It cannot be stopped, as the ester that causes it is left-handed (IIRC) and your colonic muscles have no defense for it.

You have been warned. It is a rather tasty fish, but I would rather eat Mrs’ Paul’s fish sticks and chug a shot of ex-lax than do that again.

…At Warp Factor 9…

Good visual!

Because it is firm and dense escolar will hold up better in slow cooking techniques than some other fish. I’ve never heard of the laxitive effect. I haven’t correlated it with any personal experience, but I’ll be on the lookout for it now. If I need a laxative, I prefer it to be a tasty fish.

Hm, I have had white tuna at a sushi place, but since it was 3 little pieces I didn’t run into any digestive issues.

Tuna is not something I do as non-sushi unless it is canned as tuna salad/casserole/croquets and I doubt I would run into escolar as canned tuna. [I just don’t like tuna cooked as steaks, I prefer it in small amounts raw as sushi/sashimi.]

Yeah, I get that effect, too. A shame, really, because it’s otherwise a quite tasty fish.

I didn’t take Tripolars advice, which turned out to be an error. As the tuna was fantastic just seared on the outside and raw in the middle, I figured the Escolar would work well the same way and We needed a quick dinner anyway. What happened was the outside was seared and was nice, the inner part of the fish that should have been raw turned into a semi liquidy nastily gloopy textured mess. Not good and most of it it ended up in the trash.
Oh well , next time I will take the advice I asked for.
Everything else still tight as a drum so far.