Eskimos and Vitamin C

How did the Eskimos get enough vitamin c? Before supermarkets of course.

They eat/ate a lot of fresh meat.

Organ meat.

Raw meat contains residual vitamins lost in cooking.

Residual amounts in stored fruits. Yes, vitamin C doesn’t “keep” But their might be residual amounts in bulk storage. Maybe enough to keep a child healthy.

Small amounts of winter berries. I don’t know if these are gather-able in all polar environments.

They didn’t and lived barely at the limit of survival, or slightly below sometimes, suffering damage and death, in those cases.

I don’t have citations for all of these, but this is pretty much commonly accepted. I don’t think it can be conclusively proven that through their entire history, some or all of these things haven’t happened.

You might have known the Mighty Cecil answered this one.

Traditionally Eskimos ate only meat and fish. Why didn’t they get scurvy?

But watch out for that liver.

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