ESPN's Playmakers -- I GOT IT!!

For the record: It premiers tonight at 9PM on ESPN.

Look, ESPN, I know it’s the first drama series produced for your network. I know you’re excited. Playmakers could be the greatest thing for your network since you were finally able to broadcast NFL football (instead of rebroadcasting the 1990 Stongest Man compeition for the 108th time). It’s exciting, and you want to get the word out about it’s premier.

But I’ve (literally) seen the hundreds of commercials on your network, on ABC, and other cable networks. I suffered through Brent Musburger reading the promo on ABC during the LLWS. I’ve also been to your web site & seen the ads there (although, thankfully, you didn’t hit me with any pop-up Playmakers ads). Additionally, I caught the graphically promos DURING the Red Sox / Mariners game on Sunday Night Baseball, not to mention the graphic super-imposed in the background while the batter is at the plate. In every major sporting event shown on your networks (the aforementioned baseball game, the Kansas St. / Cal game, the Grambling / SJSU game) & in EVERY FRIGGIN’ SPORSCENTER, you mention it’s premier.

I got it – Tuesday, 8/26, 9PM, ESPN. But . . .

Did you really have to send me the e-mail this morning at work? It took me several minutes* just to download the graphics promo that you sent along with the e-mail. Please, for the love of God, stop it, STOP it, STOP IT!


  • This is slightly embellished to emphasize my point more strongly – it actually took only a few seconds longer with our T1 line, but the e-mail took-up precious bandwidth

So, sir viks, did you watch “Playmakers” tonight?

Guess what? I totally forgot!!!