Ethernet Cable No Longer Working?

I live in an apartment where the building has wifi for us to use. There are 16 apartments in the building. The thing is anyone that uses the internet, they use the wifi. I’m the only one here who bought a very long ethernet cable so that i connected the ethernet cable to one of the routers. There are 2 routers.

I have a laptop.

Most people in the building have problems with the wifi and when i connect wifi, it usually isn’t that good. There are 2 connections. One is wifi connection A and other is B. Connection B is never reliable… either you can’t connect or if it connects, it isn’t good. However I’m wired to the router in connection B via ethernet. So everytime i open laptop, its on wifi but i then disconnect it then i see a computer in the bottom right of my computer screen which means its wired connection and thus very reliable and fast. My ethernet cable is 50 feet.
I been using the wired connection for many months now with no issue. Today, i cannot connect to the internet wired. I disconnected it from the wifi connection but then it shows no connection, doesn’t have the computer logo at all.
I then went to google and check and typed cmd and says Media disconnected. Does anyone know if theres a way to see if it suddenly stopped working or it might be the router/modem? I clicked diagnose and it didn’t do anything.
The frustrating thing about this is i need wired internet and i dont know why it just suddenly stopped working.
Thing is it been working fine ever since i got the 50ft cable wire. I dont know why it suddenly stop working.
I can connect to a wifi connection but again the signal isn’t that good and it isn’t always reliable which is why i always connected wired.

Someone cut the cable.

If the cable’s not cut, go unplug the router and plug it back in. That should fix it.

Cabling is actually somewhat fragile. In CAT 5/6 you’re talking about four twisted pairs of thin copper. Over distance that presumably involves the possibility of someone stepping on it, rolling something over it, or whatever. There are also likely some kinks and corners along then way. When the copper within the cable gets damaged… game over.

Check the router and make sure your cable is not just unplugged.
What route does the cable take? Does it get stepped on? As Beowulff says maybe someone cut it.

I’ve also seen ethernet ports on laptops come loose or just stop working just from being pulled around. Sometimes you can wiggle them and get an intermittent connection. This is easier to troubleshoot if there are lights on the port.

where is the router and who controls it?

maybe the router was configured to maximize the wifi.

Most Ethernet connectors have some sort of “link light” indicator - at least on the router, possibly also on your laptop. Link simply says “yes, I see the signal from the other end”. If only some cable is broken, you may get link at one end but not the other.

As mentioned, try unplug and plug back in. Try a different port on the router (usually there are 4 or 5 LAN ports). Test your laptop connection (i.e. get a short cable, plug in while standing beside the router, observe the link lights.) In Network settings, disable then enable the Ethernet adaptor. Be sure the cable is the problem before you go through the trouble of re-cabling.

90% of network problems are cable, and 90% of cable problems are ends. Is there somewhere where the cable could be mashed or stretched? Did someone trip over it and strain the end? (Is someone messing with you by unplugging it?)

Okay here is something that is very weird. I tried to unplug the other end of the ethernet cable from the router, i could not do this at all. I know many times i did this a few months back and it was not an issue but sometimes it was tougher to pull out the other end of the ethernet cable from the wireless router.

There are 2 other ethernet cables connected to the router. One that is connected to a modem and another that is connected to another wireless router in a different area of the building. Of course you have the power plug as well plugged in that you can easily pull out and off easily to reset the router.

None of the other ethernet cables that is connected to the router… i could pull out. I never had this issue back then. Right now it seems like its impossible to pull any ethernet cable from the router.

I know a few months back both routers were in that same area but recently one of the routers got moved to another location because other ppl in the building mentioned the wifi connection wasn’t so good so thats why they moved it. It does make sense that keeping 2 routers in the same location makes no sense.

Does anyone know why i can’t pull any ethernet cables out of the wireless router? I asked the person if anyone touched the router or did anything to it such as i can’t pull it out and i was told no. However, this person also told me some other things a while back which wasn’t true. It was when the internet went out every single night the same time and always for same amount of time 30 minutes. They told me they contacted the isp and said it happens every night for everyone in the city… which made no sense at all. However i did lot of research and ppl said if it goes out same time every single night, its connected to one of those timers. I told the person in charge about this and they said theres no timer. However, few months later on they opened the thing where this wire goes into and then i saw it was indeed connected to a timer which was the cause of this. So ever since it was plugged into a regular outlet, internet no longer goes out every single night at same time for same exact period.

Does anyone know what could be the reason for this? I find it extremely strange that not only could i not take out the ethernet cable from router but none of the other 2 ethernet cables connected to that router i could pull out either.

Perhaps the person who was powering down the routers every night at 2:40 am is now unplugging your cable?

The thing is i stepped on the cable many times and actually had some water touch it many times as well. However i never had any issues at all. I look at the 50 feet ethernet cable i do not see any damage whatsoever from the outside. Its basically still all white… the entire cord.

Does that mean theres a chance the copper can get damage if i dont see any damage physically? I have a laptop charger for my laptop where its in pretty rough condition like you see the broken wiring a bit but its still working fine.

However, i find it very concidence my wired connection no longer working then see all of those ethernet cables i cannot pull out from the router. It seems like it got super glued or something…

Nono. The reason it went out every night at 2:40am was because the routers were connected to a timer. Once the person took that wire and plugged it into a regular outlet, it was never an issue. However most ppl in building never notice this b/c everyone is asleep already.
Basically the timer was in this locker if you want to say where you can’t open it without a key. Then the person who opened it, saw yep theres a timer there so after that day, never was the internet going out every night same time.

What do you guys mean by someone cut the cable? I just went from my apt to where the router is located.
No one cut my 50 feet ethernet cable with a scissor if thats what you mean?
The router is located about 40 feet from my apt. Its basically 1/2 a floor up from my apt once i get out. Everyone who rents an apartment at building get to use the internet here so the person who owns the router is the person who owns the building if thats what you mean?
However there is one person that is in charge of renting the apt to ppl and taking care of things such as the internet or any other problems in the building.

Hi. I just cleared my chrome internet computer settings and could no longer log into my old account. I created another one right now because I do not recall my password i used so i am responding back here.
Actually theres 3 other ethernet cables besides my ethernet cable connected to this router.

No the router is not in a really hot location. Not sure why you would ask that.

I looked at 2 of the other ethernet cables connected to the router and it does look like something was done to it. It doesnt look like a regular ethernet cable if you look at the end of it… it looks like glue or something.
Does this mean its 100 percent glue or melting that is done to all of these ethernet cables? I know these routers were looked at recently however i didnt know something like this would be done. Also those other ethernet cables… ones connected to the modem etc. However, if something was done… they probably didnt know that my ethernet cable isn’t suppose to be glued in.
Also i used someones laptop right now and connected my ethernet cable to their laptop to see if it could do a wired connection. It could not.
So that means either

  1. My ethernet cable is damaged

  2. Wireless router was configured
    The other facts is this. Last night wired connection had zero problems like always. Today when i woke up, thats when i notice wired connection doesn’t work. Also im close to 100 percent sure if super glue or anything was done … it was not done today in the morning, it was last week.

Also… my ethernet cable is connected to the 1st socket. I see socket 1, 3 and 4 are used. 1 shows green. 3 somtimes shows green. 4 shows green.

So if it shows green… then doesn’t that mean my ethernet cable works then? Something doesn’t add up here.

Look at the cable for any sign that it’s been crimped or squeezed really hard (say, by somebody running over it with a handtruck carrying a load of heavy boxes, folding it in half, or simply getting caught in a tightly closing door). If it has, that’s probably your problem.

While the wires themselves are pretty flexible a cable containing 8 of them is thick enough to get damaged by tight bends, excessive compression, etc.

Also, check to see you haven’t pulled the cable partially out of the connector so the wires are no longer connected to the pins (and the proper pins at that). With the cable being stuck in the router, I can easily see somebody tugging at it enough for that to happen.

I did notice where the ethernet cable is plugged into the router, it does look a bit like it was twisted in a way.

Actually the wire has to go through 2 doors… one door is the door where the router is located at… and the other is my apt door. So basically its squeezed in both places but it isn’t that bad and wasn’t an issue until today.

I tried to pull the cable out from router and the other ethernet cables with no success at all. I tried very hard and it doesn’t work so that means im sure 100 percent either glue or something was put into it.

Just to be sure (and I suspect you already know this), you do know that RJ45 plugs (the plastic block plug used for Ethernet) have a little lever on one of the sides that you have to press downward to release the plug from the jack, right?

The plug “clicks” into the socket. It doesn’t release unless you press the lever, or unless you pull hard enough to break something.

If you already know this, and you’re working the little release and it’s still stuck, maybe it is glue, or it’s wedged upside down (supposedly impossible, but anything is possible if you’re willing to use enough force).

I didn’t notice earlier if you answered this, but do you have a “link active” LED illuminated? I haven’t seen any modern computer that doesn’t have one of these (it’s actually integrated into the RJ45 Ethernet jack nowadays). If you have no blinkenlights lit, you have no link (no connection), pointing to either a problem with one of the jacks, one of the plugs, or the wire itself.

And in my experience, routing through multiple doorways that get opened and closed will pinch the cable eventually break a wire, even if the insulation looks intact, so there is that to consider. It wouldn’t necessarily fail right away; more a matter of metal fatigue, the wire being flexed and released in the pinch/unpinch cycle.

Sometimes the Ethernet plugs jam into the socket because of dust. Usually I see this with bigger switches with fans inside. the fan sucks in very fine dust, which then removes the wiggle room needed to extract the plug. The solution is to try to remove the end using pliers on the end, firm enough to pull and wiggle but not so hard you crush the crystal or break the socket.

Also make sure nobody has broken of the tab - on top of the crystal end is the tab that locks the end in. push that down to extract - I’m sure you know this. If the tab is slightly broken off, you might need to stick a pin in to push down the remaining bit of tab to pull out the end.

As I said, simple test - take a short cable and connect a laptop right there in the stairwell to an empty port. If you can’t get any cables out, maybe someone has glued it in. (or used silicon) If they have, then they really don’t want you to mess with it. I assume you don’t mean the cables have the rubber end covers you find for strain relief on some Ethernet cables.

it is possible that constant opening and shut one of the doors has finally broken one of the wires. They can take abuse, but like any wire, abuse combined with flexing can eventually break the wire(s). It may have just finally happened.

If the cable is dead and you can’t get it out, about all you can do is cut it and put in a new end. Good luck with that. Putting ends on Ethernet can be tricky for the experienced. I would buy a socket, rather than a crystal end, and punch down the wires on that so you can plug a new cable into that.

The router itself can die due to overheating of the electronics, but apparently you say this is not a problem.

Well on the other end of the ethernet cable which is connected to my laptop, i very easily can plug in and plug out. Is that what you mean by the thign you have to press downwards? Because i can easily take the ethernet cable out of my laptop. Basically i plug in and plug out with zero issues. Its in the other end that i basically cannot unplug the ethernet cable.

Link active Led? Are you saying does the router have a blinking green light at the port that my ethernet cable is plugged into the router? If so, yes it does show green at port 1 which is the port where my ethernet cable is connected to. The router that i connect the ethernet cable to is a TP link router. So if it does show green, then what could my issue be then?

I dont believe the ethernet cable got jammed because of dust. My ethernet cable i rarely unplug and plug it in from the routers side. I mean back this year, yes i might unplug and plug it back few times but ever since im back here and came few weeks ago, i plug it in… never touched it again.

Also if thats the case… then why is it all 3 other ethernet cables i couldn’t pull out? Earlier this year, when internet had some issues i would power off and on the router and even unplug the other ethernet cable sometimes and plug it right back in. I never had a problem with plug/unplugging so something just isn’t right. How can all the ethernet cable including mine suddenly be not possible to unplug.

See this picture. See the plastic part jutting up out of the top? You have to press that down to release a ethernet cable.

Sometimes they are like this, with extra plastic to help you thumb the lever. Sometimes they arelike this, covered with rubber, and a little harder to grab.

Does yours not have the little lever on the laptop end? What about the router end?