Etiquette in the Bathroom, at HOME

When I brush my teeth, I do not run the water constantly. I also use a cup to rinse. I do not make a mess.

I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, compulsive about neatness. I can tolerate chaos, but I like to keep a little control. So WHY can’t I get my beloved husband to use a cup when he rinses? He uses his hands. I have a very small bathroom, and when he’s finished, there’s water everywhere. I can’t get him to at least wipe up the water, either. Funny, because he always, and I do mean always, puts the toilet seat down when he’s done…

At least he brushes.

Give him his own cup. Or use the paper ones.

Folks who have no problem sharing spit during a kiss will sometimes turn their nose up at drinking from the same container.

Of course, he’s also sort of washing his hands when he rinses – is he on a tight schedule in the morning?

My girlfriend refuses to use my cup too, because it’s laden with bacteria and mold. Go figure.

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I’d leave him alone about it and make sure I got into the bathroom first.

I do get in to the bathroom first–he’s a stay-at-home dad, and I have to get up in the morning to get ready for work. He’s also a musician, so he makes his messes in the evening, when he’s getting ready to go out & gig, or in the morning after I’ve left.

Oh yeah–our two year old got hold of his toothbrush one morning, & dropped it in the toilet, before I’d left for work. I didn’t have time to get him a new one before I left, so I told him he could use mine. He had a hissy. Did I mention that OUR two year old did this? OUR kid, who was conceived in the usual way? And he won’t use my toothbrush???

Do what we do…use different bathrooms!

Oh, to have more than one bathroom…one for ME and ME alone, and one for him & the kids to trash. Sigh. Bliss. :slight_smile:

We have a double sink in our master bath. My wife, a dedicated sci-fi and fantasy freak refers to her side as Federation Space and my side as the Klingon Empire. I’m not quite sure what point she’s trying to make. Anyway why use a cup with a perfectly good faucet available?

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If you use a cup, you have to wash it everytime or the bacteria from your just scrubbed mouth stays in the cup & multiplies.

Hands are a little better although I can’t figure out how he could be so messy.

Seperate bathrooms is the key to a happy marriage!

And here I thought this thread was going to be about courtesy flushes.

I never use cups in the bathroom, I mean with all those atom-sized poop particles floating around in the air. Eeeeeew

Also, although I rinse after I brush, I tend to steer clear from drinking bathroom faucet water. I know it all comes from the same place, but there is just something about water that comes from the bathroom.


Coarse and violent nudity. Occasional language.

I’m with Blue on the faucet thing. I also must confess that I stupidly let the water running while I’m brushing.


“I never use cups in the bathroom, I mean with all those atom-sized poop particles floating around in the air.”

“there is just something about water that comes from the bathroom.”

Must have been traumatized as a child by some sort of incident in the bathroom. Definite trend here :slight_smile:

I don’t leave the water running when I brush my teeth because I work for the water department, and I’ve learned that it’s wasteful, and we have to pay for the water. Sure, for the length of time you’re brushing your teeth, it’s not a whole lot of water, but 2 adults brushing their teeth twice a day, leaving the water running, times 30 days, well, it can be just enough to make that meter roll over & cost me another $3.

That having been said, I now recall a similar post on the old SDMB, about using one’s hands to rinse. I seem to recall alot of (male) posters saying something about it making them feel something like cowboys, drinking fresh water from a clear running stream? :wink:

Stream?? Haha. Perhaps. Actually I don’t rinse. I let the stuff stay in my mouth, then visit the kitchen, spit it in the sink, take a bath and floss then rinse. I like to think that the toothpaste and the floss work together to clean a little more. Then of course, a big rinse with a showerhead gives a huge & excellent cleaning.

You gotta see it to believe it. Im going to charge for tickets.

Also, as for the water comp, they drive me nuts cuz for years they got this nice low income rate & never told us. See, if you make something like under $18,000 a year, you can get a low rate, which means NOT HAVING TO PAY
the water ‘service’ charge. Dunno about your area, but the service charge here is MORE than the water itself. lol.

You guys are missing the obvious solution - brush your teeth in the shower. No mess! And it saves time if you do it while the conditioner is in your hair…

Ramble alert, but with relevancy…sorta.

When I use to travel for my job, I often had to share a hotel room with another female employee. Because **I ** was Administration my roomsharers were usually hourly plebes and would worry about what a tight ass an ADMIN person could be. They quickly discovered I’m very flexible and easy going ( which was why I had to quit, I’m not hardass enough to climb the corporate ladder), but if you really really really want to get my panties in a bunch, leave the water on while you brush your teeth. Once this became common knowledge, EVERYONE at the company would leave the water running in the coffee room or bathroom if they saw me just walk in. ARGH. (Just watch Michael Palin’s PBS series that goes from the UK to South Africa and how little water supply there was. It’ll change your mind, you spoiled little pup…and I LIVE on a well so my water is free…)

End rant. Please resume your life as normal as possible.

I thank you.