Etiquette of Hair-Cutting Question

First of all, a very nice lady who manages the local Hair Cuttery cuts my hair.

She’s the only one who has (in 30 years of searching) ever been able to cut my hair to ny satisfaction, but…

…she’s not always there when it is convenient for me, and I am loath to let another of her employees cut my hair, so we discussed this during another visit.

“Oh, Christy’s been here the longest, and if I am ever not available, she can cut your hair as well as me, because we can follow each other’s haircuts really well, so if I am ever not here, ask for her.”

That happened this morning.

I signed up with Christy because Mikey (the owner) wasn’t there and no one knew when she would be there.

However, while waiting for Christy, Mikey showed up, and so I naturally asked Mikey because she is whom I had wanted to cut my hair in the first place, and so Mikey did cut my hair and did her usual wonderful job.

My dilemma: Am I guilty of a breach of decorum here?

Should I have stayed with Christy even though no one knew when Mikey would show and even though when she did, she took me right back because I was her regular customer?

Did I hurt Christy’s feelings? Had Christy cut my hair, I must be honest and say that I might not have tipped her as much as I usually tip Mikey, because I didn’t tip Mikey that much (I tip her 5 bucks on a 13 dollar cut) when she first started cutting my hair.

For the record, Christy acted like she was okay with it, but still I feel like I yanked the sale of a haircut out from under her.

I would like to do the right thing, so thanks for your opinions.


I think what you did was A-OK.

However, a solution to feeling too much guilt over not using her would’ve been to toss a tip her way as you left.

I agree with Happy about the extra tip. And if Christy has been there that long, perhaps she knows that you always get your hair cut by Mikey and so, she may not have felt bad.

I think Christy probably understood…you are Mikey’s customer. The only reason she was going to cut your hair because Mikey wasn’t available. Mikey became available, so she did your hair.

Also, I’m pretty sure Mikey would not have gone ahead and cut your hair if she thought it was going to cause a problem with Christy. I know that at the salon I go to there is a great deal of respect amongst the stylists. They understand you prefer your regular person.