etymology of "indo"

Greetings. I’m looking for the etymology of the slang term “indo” for marijuana. Google wasn’t much help. Anyone know?


I’m fairly sure that it originally referred to marijuana which came from Indonesia, hence “Indo.”

No cite, but I always understood it was comes from the word “indoor.” As it marijuana that was grown indoors under controlled conditions to create a better quality harvest.

I think the best answer would be this (IMO): the term ‘indo’ is slang for the strain ‘cannabis indica’ as opposed to the more common strain ‘cannibis sativa.’ Indica is known for it’s stronger physiological sensations and yadda yadda yadda

I assume that your quote came from the Probert Encyclopaedia ?

While it could be correct, Lighter cites it first in print in 1993(Snoop Doggy Dogg). He says "Black English, probably a clipping of Indonesia.

According to the White House, the term originated in Northern California. Snoop was just copying people to the north.

Lighter cites Snoop from two 1993 songs.

He then cites Street Terms, which the White House uses for info, as being published in 1994.

Possibly the residents picked up on the slang term from Snoop’s songs.

I’m from Oakland and I first heard it in the late 80s. Certainly Snoop was using it before the White House, but maybe not before Oaklanders.

Thanks for the added info chula. I can accept that.