Early one clear & sunny summer morning, circa 1975 while my family slept, i was gitting myself a bit of breakfast. I looked out of the kitchen window and saw a disk shaped object high in the sky. It resembled
a straw hat called a “skimmer”. I thought that anyone seeing it would say it was a UFO, probably from outer space! I told no one until the next day’s newspaper mentioned that others had seen it too. I told my wife, but no one else until now. Now, 25 years later I don’t care if people think that I am daft.
Have you seen one?



No, but I saw pink elephants once or twice…

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Well, I can’t say I’ve had much experience with UFO’s, but just the other week I saw Bigfoot bein’ fitted fer a very stylish Safari Jacket down at the Banana Republic store . . .
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“To assert that the earth revolves around the sun is as erroneous as to claim that Jesus was not born of a virgin.” – Cardinal Bellarmine (1615, during the trial of Galileo)

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Yer pal,

Springfield, MO. Late fall/early winter 1998.

Mrs. Rastahomie and I were driving westbound on I-44 near the city of Springfield (180,000+change). We saw literally dozens of lights streaking across the sky, from South to North. They’d go a few degrees across the horizon and then come to a dead stop, then fade away.

No explanation.

I just have to say- I never saw Krispy’s orginial post about this subject, but I’ve seen him ridiculed more then once for believing in UFO’s .

Well, screw it. I’m here to tell you that I absolutely believe. I have not seen one myself, but I do believe. If that makes me a crackpot, then I guess I’ll just add that to my resume!

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Do I believe there are UFOs? Yes, I believe there are UNIDENTIFIED flying objects.

Now, do I take the HUGE leap in logic and automatically assume that, because they are unidentified, they must be spacecraft from a distant, highly advanced, yet incredibly shy alien race? Hell no!

Neither do I, senor Propski. Yet we arrive at different conclusions.

The logic should be: the Universe is a huge thing that inhabits gazillions of planets, many of which featuring conditions similar to earth’s. What is more logical: “earth is the ONLY planet inhabited by intelligent life”, or “earth is one of MANY planets inhabited by intelligent life” ?

The answer is, of course, the latter - if only because the contrary can not be proven. Therefore, an unidentified flying object MIGHT in fact be an alien aircraft.

Having said that: I am pretty sure that the majority of UFO sightings can be debunked. No offense to any of the posters here, who are quite sincere in their opinion. But let’s face it: often the one spotting the UFO “happens” to be the village idiot.

And no, I’ve never seen one myself.


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Maybe this is a thought that only a blonde ponders, but once a UFO has been seen and identified as a UFO…isn’t it no longer unidentified?

I really try to be good but it just isn’t in my nature!

I always wonder why, if “sightings” of aliens reveals that they are basically and surprisingly humanoid (homonid?), no one assumes that they are visitors from the future of our own planet instead of aliens who despite staggering odds look just like us.

Or maybe this is the prevailing theory and I just haven’t heard it?

You know, I could very well be mistaken, but your descripion matches the Leonids meteor shower.

coldfire–a UFO might also be Audrey Hepburn’s hat from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” What’s your point?

I personally believe that there’s an extremely good chance that life exists on other planets. But I also believe that, if said lifeform went to all the trouble to visit this planet, it’s very very unlikely that they’d be so secretive about it.


It is not a question of what is more logical but what is more probable.

Either A or B. We cannot prove B, so A must be true. I’m sure that there is a latin name for this fallacy

Overall, there is a notable logical gap in this argument: the likelihood of there being alien races is only one factor determining the likelihood of them visiting us.

The proximity of the nearest planets which might harbour life and the impossibility of faster-than-light travel also need to be taken into account.

I know that there are people living in Nepal. That doesn’t mean that there are any Nepalese people in my kitchen.

I really have to stop wearing that costume around the house at night after you’ve been drinking :wink:

For the record: I do NOT believe that what I saw a quarter century ago was extra terrestrial!

Guy Propski,

My point, as I was going to say before TomH totally slaughtered whatever was left of my argument, is that by using a different logic, one can arrive at an opposite point of view without ever leaving the realm of sound reasoning.

And then TomH came in…

Uh guys? Would you GD Hot Shots please refrain from posting in MPSIMS? I mean, at least refrain from totally tearing apart a Mundane and certainly Pointless poster such as myself. I’ve got something of a reputation to uphold here, and I don’t think you quartering my attempts at intelligent contributions is really helping that :wink:

Otherwise, I fully agree with Guy’s and Toms additions c.q. improvements.

In short: What they said.

OK. I’m off to post in a thread with lots of {{{{{HUGS}}}}} and SMOOCH action going on…

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"You know how complex women are"

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

Ooooo Dirty Devil… could you wear that costume around my house… I love to play dress up. :eek:

I really try to be good but it just isn’t in my nature!

I’ve never seen one myself, but I read enough science fiction to not completely rule out the possibility of life on other planets. I read a series once when I was younger called My Teacher is An Alien. The gist of the series was that the aliens stayed away becasue with our wars and our hurting each other, they didn’t think we were civilized enough to be in contact with.

You also raised an interesting point, Eden. I just finished a book called Doomsday Book about time travel in the later 21st century. Someone sees the main character come through the ‘net’ as they call it to the Middle Ages and thinks she’s a saint. So no one can’t say it’s not possible that what we really see aren’t our own descendants with their advanced technology come to see what good ol’ Gram and Gramps were like as kids, either. Or for all we know, they could be coming to see what Earth was like, living on a distant star because it was destroyed.

I myself like to think that we’re not alone in the universe and that there are beings out there that could teach us things and we them. But neither do I stand around with posters and banners welcoming them or join cults and kill myself to go be with them. I just keep an open mind on things.

When are you going to realize being normal isn’t necessarily a good thing?

That should be because…to think I was on the Spell Bowl team :slight_smile:

When are you going to realize being normal isn’t necessarily a good thing?