Eureka 8/22

Good episode, lousy science.

What if you wanted to destroy Moscow when the Moon was over the horizon?

What did Nathan win his Nobel in?

Not enough Jo.

Dug Eugenie.

Never cut the blue wire!

Fargo needs to be beaten. Who the heck turns keys in a panel they haven’t seen before? Haven’t these people ever seen Wargames? Or Failsafe? Or any other movie like that? Morons.

Exactly what was shouted in my living room as the keys turned. (Yes, we talk to the television.)

For some reason, Eugenia’s “swing a cat” line cracked me up so much we had to pause the Tivo for a minute, so I could get my breath back.

Carter kissing Eugenia and all the “I said we again, didn’t I?” stuff was hilarious. I like this show more and more every week. I especially like Nathan because I don’t hate him. Sure, he’s a dick, but he’s a pretty likeable dick, and while he might (rightly) think he’s smarter than everyone else on the planet, he’ll also occasionally admit when he’s wrong. He might end up being my second-favorite character (because nobody’s going to top Henry).

I just love this show. Yeah, nobody worried about the moon’s orbit which was annoying. Whoever writes the science should be slapped. But whoever writes the dialogue (swing a cat, mind your own business Zo) has my undying devotion.

yeah,… for a town of super geniuses, they seem to make alot of dumb decisions…

but, as I said in the other thread…

They had a 1960s Style Death Ray!!!

Dammit, this thread wasn’t here when I started writing up mine.

But as I said in the other thread, this episode reached new depths of stupidty and intelligence-insulting. I think I’m done with this show.

Agreed. What kind of morons finds a control panel with two key holes, and decides to turn them? There’s no way you can be that stupid. Just no way. Sorry. None.

[nerd rant]On a slightly different subject, the beam’s missing the moon and hitting a probe near Jupiter struck me as being about as scientifically accurate as an average Road Runner cartoon. Based on some quick calculations it should take a beam of light about 32 minutes to travel from Earth to Jupiter (assuming minimum distance between the two which is of course unlikely) and hit the probe. It would then have taken the same length of time for any signal to reach Earth from the probe informing its creators of its fate. This whole series of events took like ten seconds on screen and then went right back to the main characters as though no time had passed.

Also, the probe was referred to (if memory serves) as a rover. What idiot sends a rover to a gaseous planet? It’s like dropping a go-cart in the middel of the Atlantic to explore.[/nerd rant]

(I know it’s silly to expect scientific accuracy from such things, but I don’t care. It give me an excuse to be nerdy.)

I liked this episode less than most of the previous ones, but it was still fun. Zoe was less annoying this time than usual.

Was it implied that Dr. Thatcher just kind of went crazy after losing the Nobel Peace Prize to Linus Pauling, or was his dementia more recent? That’s a pretty funny reason to lose one’s mind, even for an eccentric scientist.

At least it didn’t turn out that the password to stop the countdown was “Eugenia” or “Stockholm”. That would have sucked.

Eugenia siad that “Nobody expected Linus Pauling to win a second Nobel.” She then went on to indicate that that was when Irwin lost his marbles.

The “swing a cat” line had me in stiches. Thank Og for Tivo!!

“We need your Nobel Prize.” Smash

“It was open.”

An old joke, but comedy gold, nonetheless.

Hmmm-- the big solution was to ram the silo. So – no one thought of just disintegrating the silos? They have lots of sci-fi weapons lying around Eureka that would do the job. Even if the silos were made out that “indestruciblium” stuff that the console was made out of, the death ray projector wouldn’t have been. It’s suspend-your-disbelief time.

Pretty much watch Eureka for the characters anyway. It’s like Northern Exposure, but with holograms. (Not quite as good as NE, but that’s because the purported love interest doesn’t hold a candle to Maggie.)

What kind of loser becomes unhinged when he doesn’t win a Nobel Prize? Especially for constructing a doomsday device? Suck it up.

Hell, that’s even vaguely conceivable. If you don’t have satellites available and you have a particle weapon, you have to use the moon and hope for the best. Although it’s an odd particle weapon that could be reflected by a mirror small enough to be placed on a lunar lander that could still wipe out a city.

But it’s far worse than that.

The lunar landing wasn’t until 1969. So the mirrors couldn’t have been placed until 7 years AFTER Linus Pauling won his Nobel Peace prize in 1962. At which point Thatcher had a complete mental break. So he would have had to have constructed a weapon that relied on mirrors being placed seven years later.

So yeah, the “mirror on the moon” subplot made no sense. Satellites would have been much more convincing and the same ending would have worked.