Anyone else watching Eureka on SciFi?

I know what you’re thinking…an original series on SciFi? Isn’t that like one of their original movies, for worse because there’s more of it?

Well, so far it’s decent. (It started tonight at 9.) The premise, from what I can tell from the promos and watching so far, is a secret town full of super scientists and engineers, and a US Marshell, en route to LA from catching…someone (all we know is that she is a teenaged girl) wrecks his car and has to stay here, and of course he sees some wacky stuff (so far, the back half a an RV disapered, making people think the boy in it went with it and started to search, but the Marshell found him in a hidey-hole in the RV, but noticed the missing part of the RV and was like “huh?”)

A coupel cliches already, like the loveable, gentle, old sherrif, and his tough as nails female deputy, but still enjoyable thus far.

I’ve got it set to Tivo, in case I’m busy. Looks promising. We shall see…

I’m watching, but on the first hour, then I will switch over to Rescue Me.

And as for the teenage girl:

I bet it turns out to be his PITA runaway daughter.

Damn, you’re right. For once, I was hoping they wouldn’t pull out this damn cliche. I was really hoping she was just a runaway federal witness or something.

They couldn’t have been concealing it terribly. I got that much info just from the cable description of the episode.

Watched it, liked it, watching it again.

I don’t mind some of the cliche’s…

Isn’t that Ford?

Nice to see that Max got another acting job.

If anyone EVER asks you, “Have you told anyone else about this?” you are about to be killed. If this happens to you, think of someone you really, really can’t stand and say, “Yeah, I did tell this one person … and he has a BIG MOUTH!” May as well make a bad situation work for you.

Well, they went through over half of the first episode without him mentioning it or her calling him dad. She called him by his name, or Marshall or something. And while the “vibe” between them works for an estranged dad/daughter, it also would have worked for any angsty teenaged girl and an authority figure.

I fell asleep with about a half hour to go.Spoil the last half hour for me please?

The military came in and moved everyone in town into underground bunkers to save tem from the “time gaps”. Though, as the scientists pointed out, a lot of good it will do, since the gaps happen anytime, anywhere. They figure out that, like opposing waves, if they activate the machine again, but with an offset parameter or whatnot (they didn’t get too much into the science/math of it, which is good, cause if they did, it would be too much like a crappy ST episode.) then the two time distortions would cancel each other out. They manage to fix the machine (it basically broke itself, though I think you saw that part) but can’t turn it on because they don’t have the full equation (part of the scientist that built it’s blackboard was broken.) The Marshall seems to recall seeing the equation somewhere (you know where this is going…) and goes to fetch the autistic boy. The boy looks at it, but can’t finish it, until the Marshall lays the chaulkboard on the ground for him, like he is used to. He finishes it, the turn on the machine, and all is well.

Afterwards, the Marshall leaves (with a suped up car thank to Henry,) and we see the wife of the scientist that did the experiment talking with the sex-on-the-mind psycho analyst. The analyst makes her some tea, and after she drinks it, she dies (the wife.) The analyst calls the Sheriff and saus she just went to her house and found the wife dead. She then pours a bunch of pills onto the table next to her.

We then see the Marshall in his office at LA, and he gets a message from the Major (it turns out the Sheriff is a Major,) and gets reassigned to be the Sheriff in Eureka (duh.)

I enjoyed it. Hopefully it’ll be out on DVD shortly after the season ends. I have basically no patience for broadcast television, so the chances of me actually watching it when it’s on is zero.

Heh. Is it just me or does Deborah Farentino’s level of hotness roughly double every 5 years? At this rate, she’s going to be Helen of Troy by the time she’s 90. :slight_smile: Seriously, though, I thought she was kinda milfy 10-15 years ago, but now…yikes…

I recorded it, and I’ll probably watch it tonight. I’m glad to hear everyone likes it so far.

They set up a number of threads with this episode. It will be interesting to see where they lead. For exaple:

  1. What Zoe saw just before the auto accident.
  2. Section 5
  3. Is the dog really Satan?
  4. Is it industrial espionage, or another kind?
  5. What can’t the restaurant make?
  6. Who will develop as the Sheriff’s love interest? The DoD agent? The shrink? The deputy? The dog?

Hope they don’t “X-Files” it. This could be a good show.

  1. She saw themselves leaving Eureka… as they drive away, Zoe is in the front seat talking to ‘dad’… but since the time thing had been corrected, they did not see thier earlier selves going to eureka.

  2. not Satan, but certainly more involved than we were led to believe… my question is why does the “Biological Containment Guy” (Max) hate him so much?

  3. Is clearly meant to be the Dod agent, but who knows.

I’m hoping they don’t “Desperate Housewife” it too much…

  1. Yeah, I merely assumed it was because of the time experiment. But then, we never saw the experiment do anything like that. All it did was “remove” something from time for a while (possibly years, since the RV rusted a lot) and then it appeared back in place while the earth rotated beneath it (though I have to wonder what kept in on Earth. What are the odds that after so much time it would reapear while Earth was at the same point in its orbit? Maybe gravity still worked when things are removed from time?) So perhaps something else caused it, though IIRC they were wearing the same clothes, so that is probably the reason.

  2. It seems section 5 will probably play a big role, and I’m sure in no small part because of the head scientist who they played up as being behind the whole thing (the way the guy with glasses talked to him made it seem like they both knew what was going on.)

  3. I doubt it’s Satan (after all, the show is playing up the super-science angle, no need to get the mystical involved.) But he clearly is no ordinary dog. In response to simster’s comments, I think the containment guy wants to get him because he probably has caused problems like this in the past. Think about it, the dog was the whole reason the Marshal got involved. He caused him to wreck his car, and then showed him the patch of field that was removed from time. And the sheriff said something to the effect that the dog is “their little troublemaker” or something when the Marshal mentions he had an accident, so he might have done things like this before.

  4. I wouldn’t be suprised if we found out another branch of the government is trying to get its hands on the technology at Eureka before Eureka OKs it to be used.

  5. They can’t make something? I thought the guy said he hasn’t encountered anything he couldn’t make? Though I might have missed it if he said “except for one thing…” or something. I suspect he has some kind of food replicator back there.

  6. Yeah, probably the DoD agent, but not for a while. In the meantime, I suspect at least a fling with the analyst. I mean…a hot woman who has a copy of “The Joy of Sex?” JACKPOT!

Oh, and I meant to ask…

what was the deal with the guy with the rock? We saw him early on when the kid gave directions to get to the Sheriff (go past the guy with the rock,) and then we saw him bite the big one when the restaurant went bye-bye. And he seemed to die because he started to leave, then turned around to grab his rock (and I seemed to remember the restaurant guy yelling “forget the rock!” or something.)

I read this as “diapered” and had a really weird mental image.

  1. How did the girl make those pyramidial bubbles? Those were kewl!
  2. What great drama will come of the deputy having served under the General before?
  3. What will the Sheriff hit when he really steps on the gas some time? Geese?
  4. Will they have to kill everybody under the age of 12 to avoid “cute kid”-itis?

I still wonder about #1. It has to come back in play somewhere down the road. That was just too odd to let go unremarked.

I’m wondering if the writers of the show put that in, seeding it for the final show of the final season. As the Marshal’s duties are wrapped up, they somehow return him and his daughter (via time travel) to the point in their life this all started. If I’m not mistaken, the future-daugter waved at them emphatically, as if saying good luck and have fun!

If it’s not anything like that, then maybe we’ll see it utilized later this season. The writers wouldn’t throw such a specific scene into the pilot unless they intended on using it later on.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the show. I was very skeptical at first, but there were enough pleasant surprises and great characters (and decent acting) to make me come back for more. Nice use of humor through out as well.

There’s no telling what she did to his brain while he was out. He might have no choice but to have a fling with her. :slight_smile: