Eureka Season 4 eps 1&2 (Open Spoilers)

Ok the discussion at the end of the second part with all of them and Allison telling them about the military contingency plan, sheds some light on why Hack and Henry never told anyone about their own time jump at the end of season one.

Since Fargo is now the head of GD does that mean Allison never was?

And since this is a different timeline who might we run into? Did Beverly Barlowe’s link to the Consortium come out? Is she free and could she return to cause havoc?

What happened to “The Artifact” since Kevin is not autistic, did this Kevin ever communicate with it? And what ever happened to Kim Deacon?

Did Nathan Stark die in this time-line? Might we see him again.

Deputy Andy!

Maybe, although Allison also stepped down when Stark appeared in the original timeline if I recall correctly.

I don’t know about psycho-therapist, but I suspect Stark will appear again…

I like how they all reacted, and that the arc has some logical consequences. Eureka is not known for following through on its setups this dramatically.

Spoilers ahead!

Ed Quinn is strongly rumored to be re-appearing this season.

I think Kevin is going to be a key factor this season (again!) Jo is the only one who got screwed emotionally, but she got her dream job as compensation.

I wonder if SARAH knows about the sanctions against time-travel? If they talk too much in her presence, or Jack asks her too many questions, she might just nark them all out.

SARAH is very overprotective of Carter and has abandonment issues…she would never nark him out if it meant he would be taken away

Maybe so, but her underlying programming is that of a military killer. Season One showed that very clearly (“H.O.U.S.E. Rules”). Who knows what happened in this universe? Maybe Fargo had Larry do the programming.

I like how “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was Fargo’s password

Dougie the Vampire Slayer.

I like how they’re setting up the different characters’ conflicts about their lives in this timeline. I said in last week’s thread that I hoped they would let this story play out over at least a few episodes, or even the whole season, so I’m happy there was no reset button pushed this week. Henry stated that they are stuck for good in this new timeline, but I’m sure an opportunity will arise sooner or later for them to return ‘home.’

This also seems to be the easiest fix. Jo doesn’t appear to be involved with anyone, and Zane’s remark about having a date indicates he isn’t currently part of a committed relationship. The banter at the jailhouse shows that he’s obviously attracted to her (despite his dismissal of the idea of marrying her).

It may be problematic starting a relationship over from square one, especially if one has a clearer vision of where it’s heading than the other, but certainly not insurmountable.

Henry may be in the strangest position (other than Baltar) in this timeline. He’s married to a woman he barely knows.

I don’t think this is technically true, as Jack is in love with Allison.

Yeah, but he’s been in love with her since Day One, and never gotten past first. He’s boffing Tess now, more or less in both timelines, and Allison will be with another shortly, or already is and doesn’t know it yet. Ed Quinn is rumored to be returning.

Bumping this thread after the 8/20 episode.

Holy Crap! Did everybody catch the teaser? I was right!

I had heard the rumors about what you’re referring to in the teaser so that didn’t shock me, but I was surprised by the “reveal” at the end of this episode. I didn’t see that coming at all, but I like it! One thing struck me as Dr. Grant walked toward “The Diner”: Is that the same mysterious diner from Warehouse 13–the one Artie went to once to meet Mrs. Frederic and that Badger guy from *Firefly *and BSG? It looked like it, and we know these two shows (alt-*Eureka *and Warehouse 13) exist in the same universe with each other. It may just be a similar looking diner set, but it’ll be cool if there’s a connection.

This was a really good episode–mostly because of the Jack/Allison stuff, but the Zoe/Zane/Jo triangle could be fun, too.

I thought the “She Blinded Me With Science” scene at the end was awful, though. Really, *really *bad. I was cringing while watching that. I noticed that Joe Morton (“Henry”) directed this episode, and I’m wondering if that scene was his idea.

I’m glad they’re finally going somewhere with Grant’s character other than having him just hanging around and hitting on Allison all day (though that wouldn’t be a bad way to spend a day). And while I like James Callis, his American accent is not good at all. I keep hearing an Englishman behind that fake 1940’s American accent, and it kinda ruins my suspension of disbelief.

Loving the show, though. This season has been excellent overall. I’m glad that the entire season has been set in this alternate timeline and there was no quick reset.

Oh, and some recent and awesome news: Eureka has been renewed for a fifth season!

Everybody thought it was bad, including the characters. That was the point, of course. Jack told Henry to ask advice from someone that was his opposite. Since Henry is uber-competent and sophisticated to a degree, it is only logical that a) he would Fargo for an idea, and b) it would be one that was that stupid. Add to it c) Fargo knows he’s a different Henry, so there aren’t any awkward questions.

And yes, I do think that is the same diner. Niiice twist there at the end.

eta: Since Felicia Day is slated as a guest-star, I wonder if she and Wheaton will be in the same episode. If so, there will be “Guild” shout-outs galore.

I don’t think Callis is trying to do an American accent - I think he is sticking with his normal voice - and we don’t know (do we?) Grant’s nationality.

And I think Grant is evil and will try to return to 1947 - why else would he be scouring the financial pages?

I don’t care what Grant is as long as he goes away permanently. Also, Callis is British so he’s probably not speaking with his normal voice.

I guess we both mad the same connections…Nathan Stark and Beverly Barlow are back…Now to wonder, did the “Artifact” incident happen??? Is Kim Anderson (Deacon) still around. Remember, Henry went back 4 years at the end of season 1 (2010 to 2006) to save the women he had spent the last 4 years with, only to see her die in 2006. it is now 4 years later and he gets sent to a parralell timeline that we know is different, will he remember Kim???