Eureka is back! (for now)

So I watched the season premier and then this week’s episode and other than the fact that they killed off

Shesh stop mousing over to see!


I’m loving it so far. The worst part of the whole experience is the knowledge that this is the last season. I’m glad they’re getting to finish the story but I’m going to miss this little town.

I personally thought that spoiler was a dick move and has ruined the show as far as I am concerned - it had better payoff.

Perhaps Fargo or somebody will end up reassigned to South Dakota.

I LOVED the first episode. I did NOT see that coming, even though I probably should have. Great episode, even without the twist.

The 2nd one bored me and I’m already sick of the whole real/not real thing. I don’t think the dead character is really dead. Beverly looked like “Senator, just wait till your back is turned, 'cause Ima gonna do what I gots to do.”

If she really is dead, so is this show to me.

I’m kinda surprised at such the strong reaction, seeing as she’s only been on the show for 10 episodes. Hell, Deputy Andy has been around for longer. I wonder if she’ll stick around as an NPC in the virtual world.

Anyway, I really like this season so far. I’m happy they’re showing both Eurekas. I was worried that the season would be stuck in the virtual Eureka. It’s pretty obvious that those characters aren’t “ours.” I would hate to go without seeing the real Jack, Jo, and Henry.

I don’t understand why they’re willing to kill people to keep this operation a secret, when they have hundreds of crew wandering around haphazardly.

I don’t understand why they ‘need’ our people -

Lets see -

They created/developed the tech to steal the ship
THey created the tech to run a virtual holodeck in the minds of those people, all networked.
Last seasion, they had a cloaking device around a freaking building.

Secondly, if you want to keep your captives happy - you don’t have the NPC lovers love someone else - especially the x-lovers of the lovers.

I think the breaking up of the relationships was supposed to keep them from needing to have the deep conversations were huge gaps in knowledge would be obvious.

So, you have carter ‘gone’ - point is you don’t introduce -more- conflict that the AI has to then create/solve.

Jo was gone on her walkabout - she just never returns - etc…

I’m not really enjoying the show the last season or two. The writing’s gotten increasingly lazy, and it’s deteriorated to the point where the special effects are driving the plot rather than vice-versa. Suddenly, EVERY episode has to be a major ‘all new! topping ourselves! You won’t believe it!’ twist instead of just concentrating on solid storytelling.

They changed the timeline completely a season or two back and they’ve done next-to-nothing with that opportunity. Kevin - who was an early and interesting portrayal of an autistic child on television (anticipating the current trend), is now just an ordinary, boring, generic teen. We got an entire repeat of the Jo/Zane romance (basically already covered in seasons two and three - why did they need to cover this ground all over again?) Allison’s characterization’s been blown out of the water - she’s unrecognizable. I’m starting to think the writing team (which was largely new) introduced the new timeline so they would have an excuse not to familiarize themselves with the show’s previously established timeline and characterizations.

There’s also been a lot said in recent publicity interviews that they’re going to go ‘really dark’ this season with the plots and themes. I’m so not interested in that. And judging by some of the reaction on Twitter - a lot of people aren’t. I’m sure they’ll still get viewers and I’ll keep an eye on the show, but I’m just no longer that interested. (The producer, Jaime Paglia, keeps tweeting frantically things like ‘Just give it a chance! Enjoy the ride!’ - which smacks of desperation and isn’t convincing me. I’m not enjoying the ride. So I’m backing off watching.)

Doesn’t really matter if they get anymore viewers, seeing as there’s only 11 episodes left.

I agree. The show was a nice, light-hearted romp. Dark doesn’t suit it as a full-time thing.

Oh, well. It was fun while it lasted. I still miss Stark though.

Isn’t that the first time anyone’s ever been just outright *killed *in Eureka, as opposed to random wacky accidents?


Um no, the first murder was Susan, in S1E1, poisoned by Beverly. That was the first timeline so that doesn’t mean this Beverly has killed anyone. Although that Susan was a clone so maybe it doesn’t count…

Anyway, I’m not willing to give up on spoiler quite yet. I really think we will be seeing more of them this season.

That’s why I’ll continue to DVR the show, even if I don’t watch it. On the off chance…

I still like the show, but I think the alternate timeline thing really was a shark jump moment. I hope this virtual reality business gets wrapped up sooner rather than later so we at least get some normal episodes this season.

And :rolleyes: at the identity of the mole. Way too predictable.

Did they wrap it up fast enough for you?

When Day got offed, I knew a significant part of geekdom would cry foul. Can’t say that I really cared one way or another, but the only thing missing from Na’s character was the moustache twirling. I would have liked a little more depth to her, but I guess they only signed her for a few episodes.

I’m glad the storyline is over. Last night’s episode was better than the 2nd, but still not very good compared to other episodes. It appears I was incorrect about Felicia’s character.