Euro 2020 (in 2021)

Alright, I’ll take a shot.

Group A

  • Switzerland
  • Italy

Group B

  • Belgium
  • Russia

Group C

  • Netherlands
  • Austria

Group D

  • England
  • Croatia

Group E

  • Spain
  • Poland

Group F

  • France
  • Germany

Third Place teams:

  • Portugal
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Czechia

Didn’t do a ton of research and my knowledge outside the top half dozen is pretty low other than, say, Lewandowski is great.

Italy-Turkey this afternoon, a comfortable start for those of us watching the tournament.

I see Denmark frequently mentioned as a team which might surprise (the Danes last won it in 1992) and I will be pulling for them in their games because I like Jannik Vestergaard and Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, current and former Southampton guys.

I’ve also read preview pieces from The Guardian and ESPN where, when asked which player they would choose from all the players at Euro to start a team, the consensus was the aforementioned Kante. People who watch the game appreciate what he does.

I put in my bets for the Euro champion last week, and was very fortunate with my $500 budget. I got $300 on France at +470. My 2 relatively long shots, for $100 each are Italy at +800 and Portugal at +850. I initially wanted Belgium (per my prior post) but feel like Italy’s defensive history is a better bet. The odds for all 3 of my picks have gotten a lot shorter now, so I feel good about my timing.

I’ve just drawn Turkey in the work sweepstake. Hmph.

But as I heard one pundit claim, the Euros is frequently won by the team with the best defence. Not sure that’s Turkey either though…

I watched a ton of the 2008 Euro, and Turkey was wildly entertaining. After losing to Portugal, they got out of their group by winning the last two games. Against the Swiss, they needed a 92nd minute goal, and against Czechia they got goals in the 87th and 89th minute to win.
Then in the knockout phase, they went to overtime against Croatia. After giving up a goal in the 119th minute, they immediately tied it up in the 120th minute. Then they advanced in a shootout. They then played Germany, and tied the game in the 86th minute only to have their luck run out with a German goal in the 90th minute. I half expected Turkey to tie it again in added time.

U2 seems to have dumped their base player and their drummer.

Ha! Need a DJ to keep the young folks happy. Martin Garrix is basically the U2 of DJ’s anyway.

this match might be 0-0 at the half but for the Turks I feel they would be more than happy if it ended 0-0. When people complain about 0-0 and draws it should be explained to them that draws are a strategic part of a tourney. Italy is the best team in the group and Turkey is the worst. This is the first match in group play. If Turkey could get a draw and the 1 point this is a successful outcome.

This match has already highlighted the controversial topic of the tourney: The handball rules.

Turkey’s defense sure looked fine in the first half against Italy.

A 0-0 was probably the most likely 1st half outcome before the game even started. It’s the amount of energy that weaker teams spend on defending that leads to 2nd half goals for the stronger team. Turkey would love a draw, and while it’s 0-0, they are perfect happy to wait for that one opportunity that Italy might give them for a counter, and a shock victory. I see Italy getting the 1 goal they need.

While I may watch 5 AC Milan games a year, I always feel Donnarumma is awkward with his footwork. He looks capable of a howler at some point in this tourney.

I will say that Soyuncu has always shown tremendous class as a defender on Leicester.

Well, what can I say, Turkey in the second half not quite as good in the defense… :grimacing:

The BBC says Italy has scored three goals in a European Championship game for the first time ever: 3:0 in the 80th minute. Turkey will be disappointed.

That’s surprising to me. Italy generally are tactically defensive, but they’ve had some pretty solid attacking talent in the past (and currently) and the bottom teams at the Euros aren’t trash, but they’re two tiers below Italy’s norm.

You can understand the strategy without liking it.

Yes, it is surprising to me too and for the same reasons you state, that is why I posted it, but as the BBC is usually accurate with stats, I tend to believe them.

They showed the same stat on the US broadcast. Somewhat surprising, but Italy’s been a defense-first team as far back as I remember, so I guess 1-2 goals and park the bus was their strategy. While the early 2nd half own goal helped, this Italy team looks different and far more creative and attacking than even the championship teams of the past. I actually took notice that they went right back on the offensive after the 1st goal, when I expected them to sit back a bit and protect their lead. Perhaps a sign of a new approach.

Rule changes over the last few decades have favoured the attacking side and made it much more difficult for defenders to foul with impunity. Defending a 1-0 lead is much riskier than it used to be - Italy have finally recognised this.

In particular I was thinking of the teams when they had Vieri, Inzaghi, Totti, and Del Piero.

Totti only has 9 goals for Italy! Their all time leading scorer has 35. Damn.

I guess it’s helpful to remember that the tournament only had 8 teams before 1996, which reduces the ability to beat up on minnows.

Denmark-Finland so far is basically Denmark-Hradecky (Finnish keeper).